Great Product Service | Rimowa

A few weeks ago, I noticed a crack in my trusty Rimowa luggage that has served me for well over two years (and constantly saving me from overweight luggage scares) I noticed the unflattering, canyoning gash after a flight back from Hong Kong, and I suppose either the baggage handlers were overly-zealous chucking bags all over the place or maybe my suitcase had just run its course -game over. Then I remembered that being a premiere luggage brand, Rimowa has a 5 year international guarantee that states that they will (to the best of their ability) repair any wrongdoing to your bag.

Here’s a photo to illustrate the damage. 


After reviewing the guarantee and researching online, I tried my luck and checked with a local Rimowa branch. I was merely looking for a repair, but the salesperson I spoke to said that what I was asking was impossible, given I had a polycarbonate unit and then suggested I take the issue up with the airlines I took. (and don’t we all know how much of a hassle that is) After several objections, I figured that maybe it was time to accept the inevitable that my bag should be retired so I stopped deliberating and went on my way.

I expressed my disappointment, but figured it was my fault for not contacting my airlines right away but I still could not help feeling bad. Since hey, I was only asking for a repair. So I ungentlemanly aired my disgruntlement over twitter. Luckily, someone then contacted me within the day to apologize for the misinformation given to me and to resolve my non-issue. I sent my unit back again for further inspection, and was informed that my troubles would be fixed.

Within a day or two, Rimowa then furnished me with a brand new unit. Not repaired, not refurbished, but BRAND NEW. I was astounded! Never have I heard of such great aftersales service.image

Brand spanking new!


I then now remembered why I got such an attractive luggage, and photographed away at the beautifully designed case.



When they say Guarantee, they mean it.




Thank you Rimowa for showing that your customers come first above all else, I will highly recommend your product to my friends and colleagues alike.

Rimowa is available at:

Adora, Greenbelt 5
Newport, Ground Floor
Greenbelt 5, Ground Floor
Rockwell Powerplant Mall, Ground Floor
Glorietta 4, Ground Floor

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