Kickers | Art + Sole

I probably love boots as much as I love suits. They’re masculine, durable, purposeful and very current because of the whole workwear trend. They look great with jeans, for straight up ruggedness or polished up with a blazer. At the Art + Sole event of Bauhaus/Kickers, I knew I had to cop a pair the moment I saw them.

Kickers has been around forever, I remember having a pair back in gradeschool but I never realized that they had cooler roots.

Here’s an snippet from wikipedia.

“It was the late 1980s and early 1990s that Kickers really gained popularity when Kick His were heralded by icons on the Manchester music scene. The Kick Hi then became popular in the rave scene, first with acid house and then later with trance music. Many fans of the shoe came from diverse and contemporary musical backgrounds including UK garage, RnB, pop and hip hop.”

“Over the years, Kickers has been associated with the music industry, including Ms Dynamite, So Solid Crew, Jarvis Cocker, Noel Gallagher, Mike Skinner, Arctic Monkeys, Craig David and Rodney P.

Ian Brown famously kicked off the trend by wearing a pair of Kick His to The Haçienda as a cheeky retort to the strict ‘no trainer policy’. The Stone Roses wore them in their video for ‘Fools Gold’. A sheep sported a pair of Kick His on the cover of the ‘Stepping Stone’ 12-inch single by The Farm.

Kickers sponsored the Urban Music Awards (UMA) 2007 and had an advertorial with NME which ended in September 2007.”

They didn’t always have this recent look but as their clientele grew up, so did their style evolution. The latest line could actually look like it’s from a streetwear brand. 

Contrast laces add a bit of colour.


His and hers.
The one thing I didn’t like about the event was that it was so hard to decide on which pair to take home!

Decisions, decisions. I take a while when I decide since I factor in so many things, my current wardrobe, leather quality, durability, possible places where I can use the shoes, etc etc. Though some people find this as a fault, I think it’s better to have quality then quantity especially for guys.

These pairs look like they can take a beating, but don’t look like they were designed for the purpose.

Choices, choices. I spent a lot of time staring at these two, and was even considering using the good ol’ eenie meenie technique but stopped…


When I saw these! Walked out of there wearing them as I was pretty excited for my new pair. I chose brown because you can use them with more colour combinations.


Kickers is available at Bauhaus

Bauhaus – Facebook (click here)

Bauhaus Shangri-La Plaza – 2nd Level

+63(2) 6348413

Bauhaus Trinoma – level 3

+63(2) 9013655

Bauhaus Abreeza Davao – 2nd Level

+63(82) 2956248 

Bauhaus Alabang Town Center – 2nd floor Garden Wing

+63(2) 552 28 96

Available also at select Bratpack stores!

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