Amore! Giving love all year round!

I consider myself a person who love deals and getting the most perks out of a transaction, you see for guys it isn’t enough to see a price tag in red to entice a purchase (thought sometimes it can’t hurt) One also thinks of which will get you the best discount, deal, or points. That is why I’m pretty excited that there is now a credit card designed especially for lifestyle shoppers. BPI and Ayala Malls bring you, the Amore Visa, a card loaded with perks and privileges that shoppers will love. Imagine Christmas shopping and getting rebates for every P1,000 spent at BPI-affiliated establishments in Ayala Malls! Awesome right?



Rebates for purchases are as follows: 

1% at bookstores, department & retail stores, electronics & household appliances, health & personal care, furniture stores, leisure & sports, services & utilities, and supermarkets (perfect for getting ready for the coming Noche Buena); 

4% at restaurants which fits the card name perfectly so you can have a special night at a nice restaurant for less than what you’d usually pay for; 

3% at clothing and shoe stores(!)




In addition to the aforementioned rebates, Amore cardholders are also entitled to perks and privileges in participating Ayala Malls merchants like: Unlimited use of customer and family lounges, perfect for freshening up after or during the Christmas shopping rush. Invitations to specials events, express lane for cinema ticket purchases (no more being late for trailers!) and yet another discount this time 5% for movie tickets!

For more info, check out

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