GEEKY NIGHTS CONTEST #EarlyGeekyChristmas (Season Finale)

We’re giving away lots of gadgets! (i.e. Sony Acro S, Headsets, Globe Tattoo stick, iFashDrive, Whatever it takes Retro Phones, Ipad covers from Speck, Cherry Mobile Android Phones, etc.)

This is the biggest contest we have this season! 

We will raffle this tomorrow at 9PM on our show. You only have 24 hours to send an entry. There are 3 ways to get an entry/entries:

Entry #1: Tweet: “#EarlyGeekyChristmas on @GeekyNights season finale. Subscribe to them on iTunes:” and like us on Facebook www.facebook/geekynights

Entry #2: Screenshot of downloaded last 3 episodes of GeeKy Nights on iTunes and tweet “I subscribed to @geekynights on iTunes for their #EarlyGeekyChristmas season finale contest. Subscribe here:

Entry #3: Answer this question: “What is the special code given last week?” and tweet “I subscribed to @geekynights on iTunes for their #EarlyGeekyChristmas season finale contest. Subscribe here:

Kindly send your answer to GeekyNights (at) gmail (dot) com 

Please make sure that on the email, there’s a screenshot of your entry(i.e. screenshot of your tweet and downloaded episodes of Geeky Nights on iTunes.)

On the email subject, write “Geeky Nights #EarlyGeekyChristmas – <Entry#(½/3) Insert Answer>

You are only allowed to submit 1 answer. Your first answer will be your final entry.

You can download old episodes of Geeky Nights via subscribing to our iTunes Podcast:

Include your full name, address and contact info (Twitter/Facebook/mobile number)

Deadline of submission is December 11, 2012, 12PM!

We will announce the winner during our live show tomorrow night!

You can have maximum 3 entries and you may only win the biggest prize of the night! More than 10 items will be given away. 🙂

BUT, we might throw another entry for those who downloaded (screenshot) more than 5 current episodes of Geeky Nights. 😉

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