December Destinations | Pause for Breath


Currently I’ve been running around, what with taping for the new gma soap I’ve been doing and juggling writing as well as squeezing in as much gym time to ready myself for the growing number of Christmas parties I expect to attend. Need to offset some weight if I expect to fit into my clothes after the holidays.


I mentioned that it’s suit season a few days ago on the twitter, and perfect timing since I’m getting a bespoke suit made. Two more fittings (I know, it’s torture waiting) and it should be done before Christmas or New Year’s. I’ll update about that in the coming weeks.

December also means the Childhaus Christmas party, which Karylle is in charge of organizing with the help of Divine and Iza. Seeing those kids smiling is truly a lesson in gratitude. I’m hoping Christmas arrives as happily to everyone as I expect it to for myself and my loved ones. I’m also praying that the coming storm Pablo spares us from further loss of life.

I’m happy that I’ve been as busy as I am, and even though I’m guilty of sometimes biting off more than I can chew I always try to deliver what’s expected of me. Recently, I’ve also been featured as Nuffnang’s blogger of the month. Who knew my little blog could get their attention? (link here) I consider myself very lucky and blessed. Thank you to everyone who has continued to believe in me. This December looks bright I think, whatever the destination.


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