Looking Forward to Better (Style) Choices

I consider myself a fairly well-dressed individual who may know a thing or two about style (if you disagree, then you either 1. humour me, or 2. stop reading and just focus on the other photos or posts on my blog) but I know that this wasn’t always the case. There were definitely phases and trends which I went through or tried that I’d rather forget. I am sure I’m not alone in this, we all must have awkward and unstylish photos hidden away in boxes or high school photo albums that we’d rather just forget. Unfortunately for me/us though, the internet has a funny way of retaining past pictures of one’s self wearing all sorts of embarrassments that cannot be so easily disregarded as youthful indiscretion. From baggy pants to tourniquet tight ones, odd hats and bad choice of jacket lengths. We all have started somewhere, and I believe that where you’re going is a lot more important than where you’ve been.

Still, here’s a peek into some of my blunders.

All over print madness – once a prized shirt of mine, I realized that dressing louder than one’s self is to be avoided.


Deeep V-Neck


I have no words for this. This wasn’t even Halloween, I look like I have somewhat of a gold preacher vibe here.


Piling it on used to be a good strategy. Putting it all together, the hat, the scarf, the necklace, vest and v-neck. Trendy then but now it’s not a look I can say I’m proud of.


Torniquet tight pants! *sigh*


“Always onwards” is what I always tell myself, or if I’m unsure of which way to go when I’m driving and refuse to ask for directions. But seriously, it’s better to look forward and streamline one’s sartorial choices than to keep regretting your past blunders. Improve, and move on.

It’s also a good idea to find key pieces which have attributes that you like, and work from there. It’s a pretty simple concept, if you like wearing jackets, find one that will get you from casual to a more formal setting with ease, effectively adding confidence. If you’re into shoes, then invest in a pair that you really like even if it’s a little bit more expensive, because chances are you’ll find yourself wearing them more often and their cost gets divided by the number of times you use them = more value. Now if you like watches, choose something that suits your lifestyle and don’t be dictated by what’s currently the latest trend. If you lead a sportier lifestyle, choose an actual sports watch so that means no room for automatics here. A quartz, or digital one will do well in this area. If you find yourself “desk diving” rather than actually getting into the water, a stainless one with automatic movement is a good pick. Now if you fancy yourself a James Bond type, and are frequently in different time zones and wish to look like a spy or at the very least debonaire try something with dual timezones or with a leather strap for the more formal functions. I could go on, but I think you get the idea I’m trying to drive at.

We’ve come a long way I think.

[photo by Arnie Villanueva – http://www.arnievillanueva.com/]

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