Dressing like Bond | A Quick How To


I think all guys have wanted to dress like Bond at one point, and why wouldn’t you? He’s the debonaire gentleman who has all the cool gadgets, exotic cars and of course gets to make friendly with beautiful women. We’ve worked out the game plan in our heads, dress a little bit like him and maybe some of that onscreen charisma will find it’s way into your arsenal. If not, then at least you’ll look more stylish and confident which should get you more attention from the ladies.

The Tuxedo. Buy a tux, it doesn’t need to be bespoke or made to measure but it does have to fit well. If it’s loose in some places, makes you conscious or looks like you just borrowed it or if it doesn’t show a teeny amount of shirt cuff then take it to a tailor to “edit” the thing.

When having your tux altered, make sure there is little or no break in the trousers (and no pant cuffs please) Also don’t make the mistake of wearing any suit jacket or tux “naked” (meaning the absence of a pocket square) Also make sure the waist of your jacket isn’t massive, have it taken in conservatively. A corset does not a gentleman make.


The photo above shows the model in a tux by H&M without a belt, I suggest wearing one (if your trousers don’t have a satin trim around the waist that replaces the need for a cummerbund) Black with a small, simple shiny buckle in silver will do.

Here’s my take just for kicks. (taken a few months back)


The gray notched-lapel suit. One can’t always be in evening wear, or too overdressed. Dressing appropriately is a discipline that Bond knows very well, from linen shirts by the poolside in Thunderball to tweed hacking jackets in Goldfinger and other movies while in the country.


The gray suit looks great during the day, and not entirely out of place come nighttime. It’s a color that accentuates most complexions, and looks calm and collected as opposed to the ubiquitous black and navy suits seen around town which can look a bit “standard”

Daniel Craig wears Tom Ford everything. (save for the shoes which are from Crocket & Jones)

This suit by Zara, is a close match save for the uncuffed, uncut trousers (easily remedied) 2 button suits are a better choice, with a low to medium button profile (we’re not going for the Prince of Wales look here) Worn with a spread collar shirt, and ideally worn with a  tie might have your colleagues teasing you at first for being so “overdressed” but they’ll come around and ask you where you scored your new digs.


So you’re well on your way to look like Bond, but remember that the other thing that makes him so suave and all that is that he always acts like a gentleman. Aside from aesthetics and external qualities like being well groomed and dressed impeccably, he also holds the door for women, never makes people around him uncomfortable (unless they’re bad guys) never cusses, and doesn’t let his suit wear him. Being Bond is very much about being a gentleman as it is being in good form amidst the crises one has to overcome.

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