Berocca Night on Full Blast!


What a night! I now know the feeling of being on full blast! I hopped on over to the pool party Berocca was having right after taping, and partook in the festivities, namely hanging out with cool people and enjoying the music blasting from yay high speakers. The setup could’ve passed for a vegas pool party slash Nikki Beach affair but the better thing about it was hanging out with friends and just kicking back. All of this happened during the middle of the week, but I swear it felt like a summer weekend.

Present at the party were Aubrey Miles, JM Rodriguez, Jacq Yu, Paolo Paraiso, Bubbles Paraiso, Divine Lee, Tim Yap, Laureen Uy, Robbie Becroft, Nicole Andersson, Kiko Rustia, JC Tiuseco, Daniel Matsunaga, Slick Rick (Eric Virata), Tony Toni, Sam YG, and Phoemela Barranda among others.


Divine, Tim and Phoem by the photo wall where you can see a couple of the key vitamins in Berocca. High doses of B vitamins, which aid in regulating the flow and function of the brain and the nerves, and of course vitamin C, to bolster the immune system.


Pool dive for Apple products! This part was so much fun, people seemed to be prepared with their bathing suits and were so game to join in.




What a party! DJ Callum David, pool scenes, ¾ of Boys Night Out, and Laureen

Celebratory Robbie, what up!


Divine drinking Berocca


The night didn’t end here though! Next stop was Republiq, further driving the point that being #OnFullBlast is the way to go.

To get to know more about Berocca and be On Full Blast daily, follow them on Twitter @BeroccaPh.

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