DIY | NATO Wriststraps


Being into watches, I’ve managed to accumulate a number of straps that just sit in a drawer when they aren’t in use. That’s why when I saw this new bracelet/cuff APC did, I was a little envious of how simple yet well executed their new creation was. I also realized, that this could easily be done for a little less $$$.

The bracelet will well appeal to watch aficionados who can’t stomach taking their prized wristwatches into water, or anyone who wants to add more guests to their arm party. APC finishes off the piece with waxed sailmaker thread, to give it further nautical appeal.



I was thisclose to ordering a 30 euro bracelet, but better judgement got the better of me. Despite how redundant as two identical watch straps can be, I acquired some at Asprey for a little over 300 pesos each and “assembled” my very own beach friendly, cheap and cheerful waterproof bracelet! It’s really easy, just attach one end of the strap to another strap and voila!

Here is the end result.





Expect more DIYs on this channel.

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