Fancy Footwork | RAJO! for MILANOS


My good friend Rajo Laurel launched his shoe collection the other day, citing inspiration and influence from Japan. This made me curious since I’ve always been fascinated with the place, and I also knew that one could trust Rajo to come out with something well made, presentable and at the same time unique and with a good amount of quirk and twist. These are a number of pieces that I really liked (especially the Toshi, refer to photos above and below) I expect to acquire a few more pairs from this range, as a collaboration like this doesn’t come everyday.


One other great thing about every pair is that a small shoehorn is included, as well as a fabric cover. I believe that these small, considerate and detailed attention helps this line standout and give one the sense that each shoe will last a while when taken care of properly.

Unbelievable value, most shoes are in the 1200-1500 bracket! Great selection, congratulations Rajo! 



Available at select SM Department stores.

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