RETROSUPERFUTURE | Sunglasses, Handmade in Italy


Flat Top Francis Hieroglyphics

Clean lines go well with the hieroglyphics inspired design, for a little bit of flash and urban appeal. I can understand why the brand has gotten so much attention from the Hollywood set.


Giaguaro Horizon

Split mirroring on the lens blocks out the sun’s rays while the lower portion is lighter for accurate color viewing. I like this pair because they add a little quirk to the otherwise standard pair of metal/acetate frames. Trust SUPER to always surprise with their designs.




Keyhole bridge, and subtle details keep this on the top of my weekly rotation list. A nod to the golden age of racing and it’s legends, the masculine Racer works on a lot face shapes and would do well for anyone who likes the smell of petrol in the morning.



The moment you put your hands on these babies, you immediately notice the craftsmanship and detail put into each pair of sunglasses. They fit reassuringly well, as if molded especially for your face, and the Zeiss lenses’ glare reducing performance is unparalleled. Here’s a video for the discerning few. 


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