Timeout | Stackers Burger Cafe

More known for their burgers (I love burgers, let me just put it out there) Stackers Burger Cafe recently debuted their Baked Fried Chicken! Yes, like the name suggests it’s fried first and then baked? I too was confused with the logic but decided not to get caught up with all that and just focused on the taste! Taking a timeout and just enjoying the food took less than any effort at all, pieces were crispy and flavorful and the gravy that came with was a great addition and not overpowering.


Had a vanilla milkshake to go with my order, and of course the famous garlic fries which rounded out the lack of rice in my meal (I purposely made sure of that, consuelo de bobo?)


Apparently the second cooking process of the Baked Fried Chicken gives it a lower fat ranking, so with that information in mind I happily enjoyed my garlic fries!



Building their “Auss’m” Burgers among other things. Stackers Burger Cafe can be found at Eastwood City, McKinley Piazza, Newport Resorts World, and Metrowalk

Check out their facebook!


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