Paparazzi | JR Isaac


While walking decidedly aimlessly looking for a place to gather refreshments for an impromptu sunday picnic overlooking the Eiffel Tower, our group ran into a rather well suited JR Isaac relaxing in a cafe with his brother Raymund et al. It was fancy running into them, even if we’d already made some plans with them in passing weeks prior. Still wonderful surprise, and the weather was great.

I, being the motivated photographer lately figured I should make use of this opportunity and snap a few shots for the good ol’ blog. I liked the color palette JR used, nothing outrageous or paint by numbers style but classily accentuated and mindful of subtleties such as matching his pocket square with his shirt, his cherry hued shorts, the peaked lapel and the relaxed fit of his jacket (but with correct sleeve length) as opposed to a form fitting one that could’ve made him look uptight, and I also strongly noticed his foldable Ray-Ban Wayfarers. Very cool.

Pap’d by yours truly,