Filipinos welcome imollo!

From Left to Right: Tommaso Arciuli, Marcello Reina, Raffaele Lafortezza, Gianni Serrano, Luca Amenduni

A refreshing way to communicate has just been launched in the Philippines. Recently acknowledged as one of the most innovative start-up companies of 2012, Italy’s imollo Ltd. dares to revolutionize online communication and information exchange through imollo. Shortlisted as top 15 of 500 entries for the Unicredit Bank-sponsored Talento Delle Idee (The Talent of Ideas) 2012, imollo has been recognized as an information technology that addresses real needs with concrete solutions.

imollo offers efficient, easy, and free file-sharing, data storage, and messaging that is slowly gaining popularity among Filipinos. This early, imollo has been hailed the information technology tool that is a convenient, practical, fast, and safe alternative to email attachments. Thousands of users around the world and initial adopters in the Philippines like the easy-to-use programme design and the visually captivating virtual tunnel that gobbles up the files to be sent to one or more contacts. No more worrying about email attachments’ size limitations or the time wasted in sending files in batches. With imollo, users conveniently send files up to 500mb to one or multiple contacts in one ‘drag and drop’ flourish. No zipping of files in folders, no sending numerous emails, and no more attaching files in batches.

imollo also provides free cloud storage to registered users, which significantly eases everyone’s filing and accessibility concerns. Mobile? On the go? Traveling abroad? Gone are the days of worrying about lugging around numerous files or even misplacing the thumb drive that stores your important data. imollo keeps them all within your reach and control anytime anywhere – convenient, practical, fast, and safe as promised.

Raffaele Lafortezza, member of the team of experts behind imollo Ltd., invites you to experience online information exchange at its finest. “Try imollo today and benefit from its efficient, easy, and free service. Drag and drop your files to the virtual tunnel and see for yourself that there isn’t just light at the end of it… there’s a new communication style for you. imollo whenever wherever… make it your habit too.”

Download imollo for free at, install the programme, create an account, add your contacts, and start sending and receiving files… fast, safe, and hassle-free.

Visit the official website for more information, follow @imollo on Twitter for updates, and like us on Facebook. Try imollo today and give us your feedback!