Mossimo Denim Most Wanted


Eight fits, One lineup, No coincidence.

It’s no coincidence for all the obvious reasons. Great washes and finish, not mention their updated cuts and construction of jeans that are finished well with details that are easily overlooked if you’re not careful. Another impressive thing about Mossimo Denim is their line up of different cuts/fits. These authentic five pocket jeans cater to each style type and are very suitable to be your next go to pair when heading out the door.

4 Fits for Men:

1. Hunter – Low slung waist, slim and tapered leg, these are a favorite of mine.


2. Ryder – slim, low slung waist, with a little more breathing room than the hunter but still a very defined cut. goes very well with sneakers.


3. Dante – regular, classic straight being a style staple goes well with boots to complete the rugged look.


4. Seth – bootcut can be a tricky fit sometimes. too loose and they lose the subtle bootcut look, too tight and they start looking like flares. Mossimo was able to produce a really balanced formula that can make one look taller and slimmer at the same time. Wear with boots or even sneakers with this pair.


Yes, I said eight fits above. But I’ll let Divine talk about the women’s styles as she has more expertise in that area. Click

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Also, stay tuned because I’m going to be giving away something as well very soon. (hint: it’s something you do in a mall, and rhymes with free***) While you’re guessing what the giveaway is, here’s a video for you guys.

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