Bee Eyes | Double Sunrise Music Video

Director: Steve Tirona
Assistant Director: Emman Montalvan
Editor: Julius Valledor
Illustrator: Idris Vicuna

Leore and Martine

Maze Mountain

Bee Eyes. The 4 piece lo-fi, psychedelic surf punk quartet from Manila has finally released a video for one of their more infectious songs “Double Sunrise” Julius Valledor describes the song in brief sentences – “the running theme for the song is repetition. Doing it over and over again.” Like a hazy anthem for a flawed cycle of dealing with things? He continues with his description “and how things never change and how we fall into the same trap” Something we all might have an all too personal experience with.

The much awaited video feature scenes in sun drenched California, freeways, and two girls going about their day/s, while the band fades in and out like bad habits. The images feel like nostalgic yearning hinting restlessness despite their picture perfect exterior. Two thumbs up!