My Tetropack top picks

No matter how much of a non-shopper I can be at times, I can’t seem to help myself from going through’s selection of curiosities. They have a quirky selection consisting of interesting items for home and living, tech/gadgets, kitchen, stationaries and accessories among others. I also particularly like their easy to view, relaxed layout that sends the notion or message that they’re just like you, creative, fun, and imaginative.Β 

Anyway, here are my top picks from

1. Classic: Scandiphone

I’m pretty fond of anything retro-futuristic like. Whether new or real classics from way back when. So I was really thrilled when I saw this on their website. Directly inspired by early 50s/60s telephones in style conscious Sweden, this type of phone was the tool of choice for telebabad sessions back in the day. Available in red and white, and will look right at home in your new studio or as a conversation piece in your living room.


2. Weenicons MJ USB 3D Flash Drive (4GB)

A tribute to the one and only King of Pop while holding your essentials in this USB drive is genius! It can be attached to a keychain, or a cellphone for stealthy data espionnage/storage. Must buy if you’re tired of losing ordinary looking thumbdrives and hate trying to explain what you’ve lost to your cleaning lady.


3. and 4. Jelly Lens (6 Moving and Mirage effect)

Being a hobbyist (or was that amateur?) photographer myself, I really believe in optics even for the little lenses on my camera phone or compact digital. These two lenses give you more creative ways to take photos that’ll impress others and boggle some. And who doesn’t like getting comments like “how did you do that/what app is this?!” accompanied with a hundred or so likes on instagram?




5. USB Digital Camera (imported from Japan)

This miniscule specimen of a camera may probably make you laugh at the thought of using it, but the images it can take will definitely impress. Boasting a 2.8 aperture opening and convenience of being plugged and charged directly into a USB port makes sure that you never run out of juice to capture decisive moments (like seeing the dancing traffic officer at the Fort)Β 



There so many other items and doodads to choose from, so head on over toΒ !

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