Axe introduces two new millionaires at the launch of its newest fragrances


Host Ramon Bautista, Winning Robber Eric Losloso, Axe Brand Manager Gem Laforteza, Winning Cop Ashley Rivera (A.K.A. “Petra Mahalimuyak”), Axe Brand Manager Raf Hechanova, and Host Rizza Diaz pose for a photo during the awarding.

Internet superstar Ashley Rivera, who is more popularly known as “Petra Mahalimuyak” in YouTube, wins P1 million each for her and her match at the launch of Axe’s first ever his and hers fragrance – Axe Anarchy.     

The launch event – called The Axe Anarchy Raid – lets loose one hundred of the hottest women in the country on the luckiest gang of guys in a sexy game of cops and robbers.  And as if drop-dead gorgeous female celebrities and models weren’t enough, Axe made the game even wilder by offering a two million-peso reward to the winning pair.

“Axe has always been about attraction.  In the last 30 years, Axe has helped millions of guys get the girl with the Axe Effect,” says Axe brand manager Gem Laforteza.  “Then we thought, ‘how crazy can things get when both guys and girls spray on Axe?’  That was the whole idea behind these two new fragrances: Uncontrollable Attraction.”  

So, what’s the catch?  The numbers that the girls had to match were under the boys’ shirts which meant that they had to do a bit of frisking before they could read the numbers – much to the guys’ delight.  Beautiful women in sexy shirts and short shorts – Sam Pinto, Bianca King, Kylie Padilla, Bangs Garcia, Sarah Lahbati, Sheena Halili, Ellen Adarna, Nina Jose, Iwa Moto, Regine Angeles, Divine Lee and Jinri Park among them – descended on the guys, violently lifting the boys’ shirts in search of their match.



“Alam ko na kung anung meaning ng ‘Anarchy’,” says TV host Tim Yap as he watched the game.  “Anarchy is ‘Kagulo’.”  Also spotted on the field were Megan Young, Andi Manzano, Ryza Cenon, Vaness Del Moral, Gwen Zamora, Gwendoline Ruais, and Stephanie Henares.  Among the boys were the Boys Night Out, Victor Basa, DJ Gino Quillamor, and Rocco Nacino.   


Radio hottie, Jinri Park described the game as “very exciting”.  “I had fun!  I stopped for a while and looked at everyone.  They were so intense!  So, I just laughed by myself,” Jinri recalls.  Meanwhile, head turner Sarah Lahbati compared the Raid to “spending 5 hours in the gym”.  “But I had fun,” she said.  “I’m glad that I got to be part of it.  I’m looking forward to the next Axe event.”


Ashley and Eric didn’t expect to walk away with the millions saying “There’s only a 1% chance of winning.  And everyone seriously wanted to win.”

Eric’s strategy was to go under the radar as the Raid began to avoid getting caught by the hot female Wardens and muscle-men Marshalls whose task was to take the boys out of play.  “A few of us were hiding behind the plant boxes.  We didn’t want to risk crossing to the other side,” says Eric.  Wearing a purple bandana around his head, Rambo-style, Eric called attention to all the ladies around him.  “There were maybe five or six women frisking me,” Eric recalls.  “Then, I felt someone grab my shirt from behind.  And after a few seconds, Petra was commanding me to come with her, dragging me by my shirt.”


Seconds after being told that she won a million pesos, Ashley was asked what she would do with the money.  “Hindi ko alam!  Magsho-shopping ako!  At manlilibre ako!” was all Ashley could manage to say as she tried to catch her breath, still in shock from having been told that she’d won.  Hours after, during the press conference, Ashley revealed that one of her lifelong dreams is to go on a trip to Europe.  She also said that she wants to give to the Church to thank God for the blessings she’s received.  And after that, maybe she could also buy a car.

Eric, on the other hand, said that he will be surrendering his winnings to the commander-in-chief: His Wife.  They would set aside a portion of the prize for their children’s education.

A Brand That’s All About Attraction

“Axe, it’s always been a man’s brand.  It’s always been about attraction,” says Axe Brand Manager Raf Hechanova.  “But we know that how guys and girls get together is evolving.  Axe Anarchy is a reflection of the modern dating scene where both guys and girls take an active role in starting the conversation.”

New Axe Anarchy has two fragrances – For Him and For Her.  Anarchy For Him is a fresh mix of fruity and woody notes for a sweet but masculine fragrance.  While Anarchy For Her is a succulent mix of fruity, woody, and floral notes for a luscious and feminine fragrance.  New Axe Anarchy is available is all major supermarkets and convenience stores.