Camera Giveaway | Tetropack


As a thank you to all of my devout readers, I’m giving one (1) DIY pinhole camera set courtesy of  It uses 35mm film and can be used over and over.  Below are a few examples of pinhole lensless photography




Pinhole Cameras let you really experiment with exposure times and light, and learn true artistry in photography.  Make your own camera and take real photos with this really cool conversation starter.

Instructions: (super easy, I promise)

1.  Like my Facebook page.


2.  Follow me on twitter.


3.  Last and most important step.

A. Comment on my facebook wall status entitled “Camera Giveaway | Tetropack”.

“I deserve to win this camera because _________”

B. Reblog this on tumblr and answer question above.

C. Tweet this “Victor Basa is giving away a camera, check it out here @victorbasa” !

Please include your twitter name so I can crosscheck the winner!  Anyway, thank you to everyone who reads my stuff and best of luck!

To find similar goodies, check out and follow their twitter at

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