traffic jam

Went to Traffic in Rockwell the other day.  I remember way back when I was looking for patent loafers, they were the only store that carried them.  I took that as a sign that the store is very quick to pick up on trends.  I liked this fact because usually selection for guys shoes are usually very limited or expensive. Traffic excluded of course, they have well made shoes that have an innate style when worn.


PhotobucketI saw a lot of the recent footwear trends such as boots, brogues and mocassins in addition to the staple black leather selection they had in stock. If I might add, though standard issue, their black leather penny loafers had a really nice silhouette.

PhotobucketI eventually chose these ones below, very workwear inspired.  I don’t know, there are times when I can’t seem to break from the no fuss, classic aesthetic of the ol’ iron worker boot. I changed up the laces to draw attention more to the shoe and have a more outdoorsy feel.

PhotobucketMe, working the rebar (reinforcement bar) Just kidding, superimposed photo.  The soles may look a bit thick to some, but it’s just in the pictures. These boots are perfect for the rainy season and will only look better when they age and the soles will begin to look slimmer when dirtied a bit.

These boots have a real tough feel to them despite constructed out of supple leather that add so much to the comfort factor. I could wear these all day.  They have the metal of the boots below without the hassle of breaking them in and feeling like you’re clunking about.  It’s also easier to transition from casual to formal with these, pair with a raw darker denim for a more polished look or khakis for even more casual ruggedness.


Very nice selection of shoe care products.  Look after your shoes, and they’ll look after you.  I always brush off my shoes after a long day, to make sure no buildup occurs.

PhotobucketDrop by Traffic and check out their selection, price range is fairly reasonable for the quality of shoes you’re getting.