Ray-Ban La Boca!

Being a long time fan of the Ray-Ban Wayfarer (collecting several colors from here and abroad including the once rare white pair and the comparably rarified red one) I was thrilled to find out that more limited run, artistic driven colorways were coming out dubbed “Rare Prints” by Ray-Ban.


The one that really caught my eye were these “La Boca” print shades, which look like the side of painted houses in Caminito, Argentina.  Upon further research and a few clicks later I learned that the pair that I had to have was expertly designed by a London design group La Boca.  What an interesting coincidence.



As cool as the louder variants are, I opted for the more subdued yet when inspected closer give you a curious reaction choice rather than the flashy more quirky colorway.  They also still look a little bit like tortoiseshell from afar which lend a classic feel, think John F. Kennedy, Mad Men, and a few picks from the Sartorialist.  I highly recommend these to those who want a little color and detail without going overboard.


I don’t know why it looks like I’m praying here.  Contemplating why I chose to stack accessories perhaps.  Photo shot by Ash Castro.

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