TDK Puts Life in Boracay

Imagine life without music.  Imagine music without TDK.

Over the years, TDK has, with great success pumped the world up with new and hip music gadgets.  The brand is synonymous with boomboxes, bboying and RUN DMC just to mention a few of the street cultural anchors that bring heavy credibility in addition to the high fidelity quality products that they put out.  Hard hitting like a Mack truck, the unstoppable allure of TDK’s new Hero Boombox series has managed to create a huge buzz across countries and the shores of Boracay were no exemption.


Last April, TDK hooked it up with the first-ever Epic Summer Takeover in Boracay.  The event is arguably one of the biggest events on the island.  The said happening continues the long running tradition (10 years) of Boracay Bound, the most supreme summer adventure in the country.


TDK got the crowd going by starting the Happy Hour festivities of the Epic Summer Takeover.  While reveling and enjoying the afternoon sun, hundreds of beach lovers also participated in games such as “Last Man Standing” and “The Case Swap”



In attendance were, JM Rodriguez, cosplayer Alodia Gosengfiao, Saab Magalona and Ernville’s Jim Bacarro, Ralph Mendoza of the Beeeyes, Adrianne Concepcion.  TDK Ambassador DJ Funk Avy, Stephen Ku, and Jake Cuenca. – and that’s just from the top of my head!


Product Features

Two powerful 6-inch coaxial drivers deliver full range sound

Play your iPod/iPhone music while charging using the USB to 30 pin Apple cable

Using the rotary dial and front facing screen, play and control music directly from storage devices including USB flash and external hard drives

Shoulder strap and soft-touch handle let you take your music along

Input options let you connect most audio devices and mix with an instrument

TDK doesn’t just put life on record; it puts life in every adventurous music lover.  Man, I need this boombox in my life!