Kermit Tesoro | Philippine Fashion Week ’12

What an amazing show! At first I was surprised that Kermit Tesoro was in the same roster as Albert Andrada, Ezra Santos, Bandoix Flores, and Butz Fuentes (all very renowned Filipino designers from Dubai) after all, he was the youngest of the lot.  But once showtime came, my worry quickly disappeared.  Clearly Kermit Tesoro was ready to compete at this level.  He is definitely one of those designers that really push the envelope in terms of creating new methods and challenging preconceptions of what is doable and possible (and acceptable).  His experimental flair and almost obsessive eye for detail has led to a cult following.  Amongst his loyal clientele, is none other than Lady Gaga (and Divine Lee) the former of which wore one of his new chest pieces in Bangkok, Thailand.

Congratulations on great show Kermit, I’m sure many were inspired by your creations.

Job well done!