Boracay Weekend, day 1

Decided to spend the labor day weekend in Boracay since I haven’t had the chance to hit the beach this whole summer, and it’s all been chilly weather activity with the recent trips and travels.  ie: Cold-chella 2012.  It was definitely a welcome change, and it’s always great to enjoy the beaches back in our islands.  It’s pretty hard to beat the balmy weather, and powder fine sand of the mostly party itinerary that is Boracay.  This is a snippet of what happened last weekend.

Laureen (of Break My Style) was at the White House party snapping away and enjoying the festivities of what seemed to be a “chill” party that grew to a massive event level as the night progressed.

Derek was there in his retro looking Vans shades.

Laneway Festival buddies, Janina and…

Half of Your Evil Twin Diary in Ray-Ban Aviators

Ubiquitous sunset shot for posterity.

Nikki, Divine (, Laureen (Break My Style) and Camille Co (itscamilleco)

The party just about to pick up.  Dino was emceeing, not bad *claps*

DJ something… great set though!

Let’s have a toast for the douchebags.

Sunset city.


This guy was probably resting up for the long night ahead.  I should’ve done that.  Ended up going to bed at 9PM!  Fail.

The party ensued.

It got pretty crazy!  People were pouring beer all over the place ala victory champagne bath while singing along to club anthems.

Take note, all these pictures were taken before 8PM.  Mind blowing!

This was just one of the days, more to come!