ear to the street!

Urban Ears Tanto.  These minimalistically and well designed scandinavian headphones feature brushed aluminum accents and a matte painted metal adjustable headband, which go very well with the rubbery like plastic (reminds me of resin) that give the whole package a very quality feel.  Man, I just love any type of audio equipment!

great packaging

Since these portable headphones are also so sleekly designed, one will also notice that these do not completely seal off the wearers ear.  I find this perfect for our warm weather and for more prolonged usage.  As holistically as these headphones were designed, one may still easily easily discount, at first glance how well engineered they are.  I tested these with a bunch of songs including:

Safari Disco Club by Yelle

Bad Kids by The Black Lips


Love Out Of Lust by Lykke Li

I imagine the urban ears design team test their headphones with at least one Lykke Li song since the Swedes really seemed to love her last time I was there.  A taxi driver even started playing her then newly released album (Wounded Rhymes) on his iPhone (connected to car stereo) upon learning that I was a big fan of hers and recommended I check out Södermalm (also know as SoFo) which is the hip, trendy yet unique and charming area of Stockholm known for their boutiques, art galleries, and vintage stores.  Alright, going back.  I’d say the headphones are pretty well rounded and suitable for a number of genres, I highly recommend these for the casual and even avid listener.  

1 year premium warranty (which I imagine will come handy when you need to replace the foam from wear and tear) microphone and remote capability for cellphones, round braided cord for tangle free listening, super lightweight design.  all for Php 1,950