mazda cx-5

I’ve always been a fan of Mazda’s compact SUV offerings, especially the CX-7 and the more luxury geared CX-9 that senses the slightest hint of precipitation and deals with the situation accordingly, leather seats and a moonroof for when you need to gaze up and thank your lucky stars you’re behind the wheel of such a fine automobile.  But the main reason I dropped by the tent at the Fort the other day was to get a glimpse of Mazda’s new CX-5 in the flesh (or in the metal if you want to get technical, which I won’t with this blogpost since I am by no means an auto blogger, just a guy who digs trains, planes and automobiles not to mention the occasional cafe racer)

It wasn’t so hard to find, as it was obviously the star of the show.  Mazda had two CX-5s there, one in white and the other in blue that shocked me at first but eventually started to grow on me given the vehicles inclination to fun and sportiness.

Gwapo ng harapon bro.  I can just imagine walking up to this car in the parking lot, playing with the keys with a good feeling of self satisfaction. (though I wouldn’t need to stick the keys into the ignition since this model comes with an oh-so swabe push button start like that of Aston Martin, Lamborghini, and many other dreamcars)

HID headlamps, all the more to see you with. (or you to see with respectively)

Sharks fin? Jaws?  No, it’s an antenna reminiscent of many european cars.  Looks cool.

Interiors are sporty yet streamlined, a good mix of functionality, ease and eye candy.

Here’s the blue one, with the blue SKYACTIV engine.  The engine stays blue no matter what color you choose by the way.  I asked that silly question, and learned that I wasn’t the only one that did.  Heads up!

Passenger side.  I’m not sure if it’s my imagination, but the windshield seems to be a bit raked to give that illusion of more space.  I like that part, more breathing space and you don’t feel like your face is right in front of traffic.  It was a little dark inside so I went outside where they were having free testdrives, too bad I forgot my license back in my car.  And honestly, it was too hot out to brave the 38 degree weather.  Luckily the airconditioning was more than up to challenge, I had to increase the temp to 18 because I was actually feeling cold!  

Better light and me behind the wheel daydreaming.  Interiors are great, black, matte silver? and what I would describe as a beigy gray.

The center console with all the high tech auto climate control that lets you stay cool while your girlfriend can enjoy her own temperature zone.  

Radio looks legit and you can plug in your iPod via USB or any other music player/laptop thru a baby pl AUX socket thing.

Summer shades.  Now this was just gravy already.  All in all, it was an awesome experience checking out the cars.  The Mazda people were very helpful, not pushy at all and just happy to share whatever information they had about the models they had on display.

Not my picture, but from the net to show how clean the layout is.  No clutter, just well designed interiors.  Also fold flat seats in addition to the generous cargo space in the boot.

a 2.0 liter version of the SKYACTIVE-G will have 155 HP, 210 Nm of torque.  Loaded with HID headlamps, 19-inch alloy wheels, automatic climate control, integrated audio system with USB for your iPod and Bluetooth!  Safety wise, it’s got six airbags, ABS, brake assist, stability control and traction control.

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