azuthai at salcedo market!

Yesterday morning, I woke up extra early no thanks to a bad case of jetlag.  After exhausting instagram and numerous facebook and twitter refreshes I decided to go and get some sun to try and balance/fix my body clock while getting some nourishment at the same time.  So I decided to troop on over to the Salcedo market with the notion of getting some good pad thai for brunchfast (thanks Divine and Rajo for telling me that there would be a miracle of a food stall by the name of Azuthai at the Salcedo Market)  Heavily pictured post ahead.

Being a weekend, I drove myself all the way to Makati and surprised myself that there were parking slots still available near the market. (I may have circled the block twice or more though, the weekend traffic around the area is in a word blockbuster)

Having been to Salcedo Market only once or twice, I wasn’t entirely sure where everything was situated.  So I did the only right thing a guy would do.  Don’t ask for directions and just rely on your gut (mine was protesting already at this point)

azuthai, where art thou?

not here…

nor here.  but apparently the seafood’s really fresh according to one hawker.  fresh from where I asked?  laguna, batangas, thereabouts.  nice.  but still no pad thai.

flower power.

both taken with a grain of salt.  get it? (ha-ha) erm.  anyway.

at long last!  I found it! man instincts 1, hunger 5

green chicken curry and penang beef curry served to you with brown or white rice

bagoong rice and PAD THAI!

lechon kawa.. I think it’s called something else but it looked delicious!

some pomelo salad, fresh spring rolls, thai halo halo and thai iced tea!

I wasted no time and ordered my well deserved pad thai which I have to say was the best pad thai I’ve ever had.  Texture wise, and it just tasted so fresh and healthy.  But I’m not really a thai coinneosuer.  coueneiersur.  coinu… fan.  This dish prepared by chef J Gamboa completely changed my mind about the cuisine entirely.  It is now a notch higher than Russian cuisine on my list.

I ate under a tree and enjoyed the balmy weather of 95°which is about 35°yikes!  Still, my meal was very enjoyable, thanks to the food and great company (Hi Malu!) and of course it was a nice change of scenery.  After filling up I took a walk around and wondered if there was a rogue croquembouche or even creampuff to be found since I chanced upon a french food stall that had these enticing offerings.

eh.. no creampuffs.  oh well.

the ministry of mushrooms was also there, interesting display!

red hot chili peppers

sausage fest

some us rib eye, and wagyu (grade 6 according to a supplier)

and takoyaki! made me miss japan so much as well as the geisha gang.

cotton candy!

and that concludes my market day.  guys, you should check it out!  and drop by azuthai for some killer pad thai!

some canned info:

The Salcedo Community Market is located in the heart of Makati City. Situated on Salcedo Street, near the Makati Sports Club, Salcedo Market is one of the biggest weekend community markets in the Philippines. Every Saturday, over 100 vendors come together and bring a wide variety of produce including meat, cheese, fish, wine, milk and pastries.

It is an ideal place for a family day out and well worth the visit. The festive atmosphere, surrounding views and diversity of products available has made it a favorite weekend destination.

The Salcedo Market is open from 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM.