dark denim “dillema”

red selvage.

I just took a look at my closet and realized that I’m starting to have a surplus of denim (dark in particular) I don’t know why exactly, or when I started to hoard acquire these raw, unwashed and not all too comfortable pairs of jeans.  All I know is that I woke up this morning, and had all these pairs staring at me in all their heavy weighted and selvaged “swagger”

Six pairs, not bad.  Then I realized I had some more in the “accidentally washed” queue.  Note to self, never leave jeans on the floor or uncarefully folded.  It’s a sure way to ruin your raw denim do not wash for at least three months plan.

My “collection” doesn’t have Edwins, Nudies, APCs, Levi’s Big “E”, Naked and Famous, or some other artisanally expensive brands.  But I’m pretty happy with my choices.  It’s amusing remembering way back in the 90s in Manila, if you had our now famously known as “raw” denim, it meant you weren’t cool enough or just didn’t have enough dough to cough up for a pair of stone-washed Levi’s you were raring for since you got your Docs or meant you just had a bootleg pair of jeans made by your local neighborhood sastre/mananahi  or tailor.  Funny how the spirit of customization, making something your own and aging denim has turned these once undesirable pairs into topshelf investments for guys who have some idea of what style is.

L-R Cheap Monday (never washed), Dior Homme (2008, washed several times after 2 years break-in), Levi’s (new)

L-R Viktor (about 2 years old, washed several times), Dior Homme (never washed), Acne (never washed)

modern take with the silver selvage, and the nicely contrasting yellow selvage.