Marni at H&M | Launching Tomorrow

Parkas, suits, shorts and stripes.  Plus knit ties, and um.. scarves.  I expect that everyone who appreciates the F word (fashion) to be lining up ala apple store campout style, or contacting their buyers to cop the latest collaboration of H&M dubbed “Marni at H&M”

Closest stores to the Philippines would be Hong Kong and Singapore.  So there’s the flying out, albeit expensive route.  Another option would be to shop online, but expect the site to crash or become snail pace slow loading because of the traffic, and end up without neither a size nor a pair of socks.  Best bet would be asking a friend or a buyer to snatch it up before the crowds descend on the merch. 

This collection reminds me of “workwear” (current word du jour of many a clothing label) mixed with a playful..  It just looks quirky and quietly says that you’re the creative type, with clever cuts and lines.  Subdued colors and slightly accentuations of color, mixed with signature prints are what I see in this diffusion.  You’ll dig this if you’ve finally decided that neons are best left for highlighters, 80s (and maybe a few throwbacks) and if genuine workwear is generally too oddly shaped for your sartorial salacities.  Not sure about the terno swim shorts and shirt plus sandals with socks though.  But maybe, it’ll work, for someone… somewhere.  Who knows.  Best bet, break it up.

Parka with ankle length trousers, and a doodley contrast collar tee

Feels like summer? to me.  Shorts look fresh.  Knit tie?  Knit tie.

Oddly, this reminds me of a french worker’s jacket.  You know, that vibe.

Big pockets, slim sleeves.  I dig this one.

Not one for sweaters with these lines.  They can look a bit feminine.  Still, it could work for you.