Marni at H&M directed by Sofia Coppola

Shot in Marrakesh, Morocco, Academy Award and Golden Globe winner Sofia Coppola has directed this commercial for the Marni diffusion line at H&M.

Starring model/actress Imogen Poots, and played out to the tune of Roxy Music’s “Avalon”  This ad/film look like it was taken from an old chest of motion picture treasures.

“I was happy to first talk to H&M about this project, because I never.. really.. done anything around fashion, and when they told me it was marni, it sounded like an interesting project.” – Sofia Coppola

Gotta love Sofia Coppola for mastering the art of sounding appreciative yet uninterested, the type of air that makes it seem as if her work just happened to be so good effortlessly.

note: I could’ve sworn I saw Francis Ford Coppola in the BTS.