congratulations you guys.. er girls!

CONGRATULATIONS @hilarymaine and @superchegrcia !!!


follow @visionsprs and message them for details on where and how to pick it up!

Alright.  It wasn’t easy choosing from all the really good, funny, demanding and lengthy tweets of why you should win tickets to the LIVE5 ALABANG concert!  But I tried my best.  I hope that EVEN if you didn’t win, you’ll still take time and check out the show because it is going to be unbelievably good.

Oh yeah, Makati’s like less than an hour away from ALABANG!

KEEP SENDING TWEETS, be sure to include @visionsprs and follow them in case you win. I’M ANNOUNCING THE GLORIETTA WINNERS TOMORROW!


oh and i also check out your profiles for fan art, drawings etc etc.  really complicated contest algorithm that i’ve programmed specifically for these tickets i’m giving away. /end

judged these based on singular tweets, just added the others for more detail 🙂

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