go anywhere

in cords and a light jacket.

I’m usually in raw denim, an oxford shirt rolled up at the sleeves and various ensembles that wouldn’t disturb the sensibilities of the local maitre d’.  Still, I often find myself getting bored of wearing a uniform day-in day-you get the idea.  So I decided to mix it up a little bit with a fabric I’ve never really worn (corduroy)  Just a few pieces that can easily blend into your current wardrobe and retain your personal style. 

So simple, and elementary.  The collared shirt and jacket combo can be traced back to the 17th century or even earlier!  (okay maybe just the shirt collar) I’m no expert in history.  The point is, it has survived this long with very little change so you can rest assured that what you’re wearing has some sort of history and pedigree.

here’s a quote from German writer and poet Goethe that Karl Lagerfeld himself maintains as his personal mantra for Chanel: “Make a better future by developing elements from the past.”

Alright, so cords and a jacket.  Found below is how to wear both effortlessly without looking inappropriately overdressed.  I personally don’t think men are supposed to look like peacocks anyway.

corduroy pants (cut like jeans, slim and very flattering) with a check shirt and dark gray single breasted jacket, with tassel loafers add a little bit more to this otherwise basic (yet effective) combo

dark gray patterned slacks (like straight cut jeans) and corduroy trim polo with a navy blazer.  oh, and a plaid neckerchief.  something slightly different from the ubiquitous pocketsquare sighted around recently.  chukka boots lend some grown up charm to this outfit.

relaxed and confident, a corduroy jacket plus a check shirt matched with light pinstripe walking shorts and plum suede loafers is the most casual look among the three.  so i decided to pair it with a chrono watch to dress it up a little bit.

watches need not be expensive.  choose something personal and distinctively yours, like I choose this calculator watch that my dad used to have in silver.

and this no fuss, no winding watch from swatch that couldn’t look shabby even if it tried.

*all clothes from Penshoppe, shoes from various brands.