Rainy Day Music Suggestions

asipot Arnold Ybera

@victorbasa TUwing Umuulan by Regine. 21 seconds ago

rlpv Ronli Lenci Villa

@victorbasa try @GavinDeGraw songs. 🙂 1 minute ago

eyedress Idris Vicuña

@victorbasa craft spells – the fog rose high http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PyCv_X0oe38; 2 minutes ago

avaddaza Ava Diaz Daza

@victorbasa jack johnson. I swear, its so relaxinggg! Me and @iloveGEORGINA are listening to it now on the road 3 minutes ago

marlonarabejo marlon arabejo

@victorbasa rain by madonna 3 minutes ago

BuendiaMRT Angel DC

@victorbasa You’re So Great – Blur 4 minutes ago

lord_rodan lord rodan lim

@victorbasa luka by suzanne vega or i can’t make u love me bonnie rait 5 minutes ago

supershaedi Shadi A.

@victorbasa Bumuhos man ang ulan. 5 minutes ago

abethstar Elizabeth Honrado

@victorbasa i just don’t love you no more by craig david 🙂 5 minutes ago

hachooooo Brian Dee

@victorbasa sunshower by chris cornell 5 minutes ago

dwightthethird Dwight Morana III

@victorbasa guillemots all the way! 6 minutes ago

daphnetorio Daphne ♔

@victorbasa sleep all day @jason_mraz hehe!



Gig Schedule: June 25 2011

Gig Location: Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Details: @ THE KEG, FORT STRIP (near Main Stage) Special 50 peso beers + 50 peso special fete cocktails only Featuring: The Strangeness The Discoball The Dorques Kate Torralba Ang Bandang Shirley US2EVIL0 Arigato Hato Ciudad BEEEYES Halik ni Gringo Pedicab Misyonaryo +DJ SETS The Diegos Kikimachine (Kiko Escora) Giangangbang (Gian Romano) Hosted by Regina Belmonte