Lower Dens are a band from Baltimore. They feature Jana Hunter who used to release stuff as a solo artist on Devendra Banhart (and Andy Cabic of Vetiver)’s label Gnomonsong. Now that she has 3 dudes to back her up, shes released a 7” on Gnomonsong as well as a few demos on their own. They have long songs that tend to be slow to moderate in tempo. Some of their songs seem boring at first, but after a few listens they get stuck in your head. The tone of the music is typically somber/confused/chill. This video in particular is cool because they are playing live on a deck with small amps.

*Side-Note – Jana is wearing giant sunglasses.

D i v i n e L e e: Our bagong pakulo! YEBAH! VOLT-IN!


Since we have the monthly Fierce Followers and bongga tayo I will add another game for every 15th of the month!



Ang concept nito medyo iba. We will utilize Fb and tumblr together! So ready? Maglisten ha para updated! haha!

1. I will announce…

D i v i n e L e e: Our bagong pakulo! YEBAH! VOLT-IN!