being a fan myself of artists and bands, i really appreciate fan made videos.  i feel they give justice to the songs and artists, just like how dutch photog, music and film director anton corbijn feels the need to work with artists and bands he himself personally is a fan of, there’s a more intimate and cohesive aesthetic that helps him relate the visual identity of songs, artists, or even characters (see the Joy Division movie, Control)

fan directed videos can be just as good or even better depending on your taste as michel gondry’s, spike jonze’s, or even andrew morahan (more famous to me for doing the heart-wrenching november rain video of guns n’ roses) not to mention a couple of notches more personal, unrestricted by censorship, and more conducive for creativity since I’m assuming there are fewer deadlines to be met)

so if you’re into music videos, get out there and try making one for an artist that you love.  i promise it’ll be really self-fulfilling.

here’s one that my friend julius ( made