“Gorey stories are set in some unmistakably British place, in a time that is vaguely Victorian, Edwardian and Jazz Age all at once. Though Gorey was a 20th-century American, he conjured a world of gramophones and cars that start with cranks, of boater-hatted men in Eton collars knocking croquet balls across the lawn while sloe-eyed vamps in cloches look on, and sinister things sink, bubbling, into the reflecting pond.” —Edward Gorey’s Sensibility Is Growing Like Nightshade, New York Times

Songkick — Concerts, tour dates, and festivals for your favorite artists

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Songkick — Concerts, tour dates, and festivals for your favorite artists

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“Paris is a city most of us have visited, if not in real life then at the very least in film, art and general culture and it certainly is a town reknown for its style.   While Au Bon Marche, Printemps and Galleries Lafayette are wonderful, there is a vast network of smaller shops that are bringing new fashions into the fold.  Bruno has put together his guide to the city he hails from, a real insider’s tour to the spots you should hit up on your next visit.  If street art, urban fashion and cheap eats are your bag, then this short film guide is for you”

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