mutha fuc.. motherf… MOTHER.FUCKING GASLAMP KILLER.. it has to be perfect or the crowd might not ‘get it’

short audio rundown before what actually happened besides the usual ‘phenom’ set is that the audio could’ve been better.  i mean it was fine when mulan played, but maybe THA GLK don’t like cranked up volume to elevens like the ramones.  or maybe i just turned deaf from all the chitchat in the crowd

ex. “GASLAMP DUDE!” followed by “i’m high na pare” and of course “BRRRRRAAATT” and the squeeky lil airhorn that i must purchase online so i can also be ‘DUBPLATE MASTA"

audience was … to the point of talking about MOTHER.FU… hold on. that dj name is just too long.  will just call GASLAMP KILLER = MUFFY GK.  to the point of talking about MUFFY’s ‘unkewl attitude toward filipinoez’ ‘and how he could get into ‘major’ trouble if he’s not very friendly to the picture taking majority of the far east low end theorists that night!

WAS THERE DUBSTEP DRAMA THAT HAPPENED THAT NIGHT?  i know one bro, or alt, or ‘homie’ skipped MUFFY’s set to catch PI’s recent buzzband US = 2, Evil = 0’s (yes that is their name) album launch.  not really drama, but intriguing news to the very closeknit community built solely on dubstepping up your game by attending each and every DUBSTEP event and stating everywhere that you had a ‘krazy time that you can’t wait for the next one’

who payed to get in? who were on the MUFFY list? is GLK still relevant, or at still your ‘fave DJ ever’ (even after making that “YOU GUYS DON’T NOE TIHS SONG” mocking face?  why was a bottle of ‘BREWSKI’ so expensive when all we wanted was our ‘peeps’ to have a good tiem?  and did OTTO have a threesome with two girls since it was his birthday?