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Shoes, shorts, bike computer, helmet, sunglasses, GPS watch etc, etc. Quite the checklist to get ready for a weekend ride in Nuvali! Now the items mentioned have to be rounded up to make your ride possible, sure you can make do with some but the perfectionist and competitive nature in you needs to have metrics, measurements, and stats! How else are you going to share it on your social media networks if it isn’t recorded? Seriously though, progress is gained through steady consistent effort. Those fitness gains can then be jettisoned or fast tracked with being correctly and accurately measured. But let’s face it, having a heavy smartphone jumping around in your gym clothes or wires snagging before you even get your heartrate up is not anybody’s idea of a great workout.


Enter the Samsung Gear Fit2. The stylish sportband has a stunning 1.5-inch curved super AMOLED display with a 432 x 216 pixel with its textured wristband makes it a perfect addition to your current and future fitness attire. It also won’t look out of place with the newest triple black or triple white kicks when outside the fitness environment.


It not only looks great but measures your activity to pinpoint precision as well with its built in GPS, HR, Accelerometer, Gyro, and Barometer automatically. No fiddling with buttons, IT JUST WORKS. So just get walking, running, cycling, on the elliptical trainer, or rowing machine and the Gear Fit2 will track everything. It’s like your old gym coach from High School but who now has eyes behind his head. It just knows. On board GPS also allows you to keep track of your route, without having to connect to your smartphone. This kind of accuracy is what gets you out of the gym and out onto breaking records and breathing in the air of victory.


Feeling particularly motivated? Go up those stairs instead of taking the elevator and you can track it no problem without even pushing a button. Running to your car in the rain? It’ll track that 100 meter dash as well -grocery bags and all.

You can go for a run or bike ride and leave your phone at home while the built-in GPS tracks your true effort. Are you really working within your threshold? The Gear Fit2 measures your heartrate as well.

dscf3828Deafening silence while trudging through your daily mileage? Not to worry when you have 2GB onboard memory for your favorite music to power you through that tough workout.

Doing particularly well? Share your enthusiasm (or competitiveness) with your friends straight from the Gear Fit2. The ‘Step Goal Challenge’ is particularly ingenious and motivating -which you can then broadcast on Facebook for all to see.


Overachiever? In the unlikely event the Samsung Gear Fit2 runs out juice before you do, just simply charge it with the included wireless charging dock. No flaps to open, or cables to plug in. It recharges about the same speed you do.

Don’t let distractions get the better of you, it’s high time to outdo your last. Unleash yourself with the Samsung Gear Fit2.



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