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I’ve always had the usual long in front hairstyle, a little longer in the sides too for some balance. Never really had a name for it, just asked my barber to clean it up and give some style and shape. This time around though I asked for something different, I recently saw the “Fade” hairstyle on “OFF THE PAGES” ( and the particular style has become increasingly trendy and I thought I’d give it a go -with my personal spin on it of course.


Still a little bit of length in the front (some habits are harder to break than others) but with the sides “faded” for those clean sides and updated look. I opted for the soft part to suit my personality, not really a greaser nor do I ride a motorcycle. Not to be critical about things, but having this new hairstyle can make one self-conscious because it definitely bares your scalp (which is skin and get dry and flakey too). Bawal dandruff! Fortune favors the bold, as I was able to pull off this look with the new Head & Shoulders Cool Blast. The refreshing new variant helps you keep your cool even when the temperature rises -that plus having no worries of being caught in an embarrassing situation of having literal chips or flakes on your shirt is a winner in my book. Its Tri-Action Formula cleanses, protects and moisturizes the scalp to give it the care it deserves

This hairstyle is also very versatile as it doesn’t shock sensibilities, because let’s face it -rebelliousness at your age isn’t as ideal as it is humurous -especially in the workplace where one would prefer to impress than to incur inquiries about your common senses.

Thanks to Head&Shoulders, I am more than able to confidently pull-off the scalp-baring Fade look.


For all my female readers and fans of Sandara (ladies), be sure also to try the H&S Smooth & Silky variant shampoo to achieve your journey towards a beautiful hair!

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Know more about the Fade hairstyle by watching this video:

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