Iconic Shelf Update | Simply Modular


A few months back, I assembled the really cool shelving system pictured above. I knew that I wanted something low maintenance, easy to move around but still scoring high in terms of style and design. Simply Modular is such a convenient and ingenious way of storing your things, as well showcasing them. Honestly I’ve learned to appreciate my stuff, now that I can actually see them organized and not hidden away in a drawer or closet. So here is my shelf update, I’ve moved a couple of things around if you notice (like the plants and finally hung an artwork) …

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ear to the street!

Urban Ears Tanto.  These minimalistically and well designed scandinavian headphones feature brushed aluminum accents and a matte painted metal adjustable headband, which go very well with the rubbery like plastic (reminds me of resin) that give the whole package a very quality feel.  Man, I just love any type of audio equipment! great packaging Since these portable headphones are also so sleekly designed, one will also notice that these do not completely seal off the wearers ear.  I find this perfect for our warm weather and for more prolonged usage.  As holistically as these headphones were designed, one may still …

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