Style Abounding | Bench Holiday ’17

I enjoy a good fashion show, especially one that is in the Fort because I regard the place as such an ideal venue to show latest collections. When I received the invite for Bench’s Fashion Week – Holiday Collection I have to say I was excited, knowledge that Robby Carmona was directing also added to my anticipation as his shows never fail to awe and inspire. I have not been out much, especially after converting to Christianity. I really felt the need to grow spiritually at the same time volunteering my time to certain ministries and also reevaluated what was really important in my life, career, and passion. But that’s another blog post altogether. Anyway! One can never have too many events to dress up for -so I donned my digs and with my Fujifilm X-T20 camera in tow I was out and about!

Steven Tan was among one of the first familiar faces I saw that day/night as the cocktails started at 5PM.The modern age. Eco-friendly guest sign in.Milan and RaymondAll smilesI was situated with the fashion designers and editors -which I took advantage of by snapping a few photos like this one with Ivar Aseron.Rhett Eala started off the show with his collection for Kashieca Kimonos seem like all the rage in creative circles, this particular one had embroidered flowers on itCamel tones.I liked this one, it had a very samurai feel with calligraphic flourishes.The choice of shoes!THX 1138.Rhett Eala thanking those in attendanceBench was up next!I dig the maroon bomber.Shearling denim jacket for a bit of rugged Americana style.Paulo across the stage contemplating the looks coming out. Probably thinking how he could make it his own. Paolo Roldan’s collection for BENCH/ BODY was next and featured vintage accessories and boots. Just look at how great this pair looks on stage.His collection looked very vintage street, with a knack of theatrics and movie inspiration. The color palettes utilized really impressed me.Paolo’s turn to walk down the runway not as a model but as a creative director!Hindi pwede sila lang! Thank you David Guison for taking these photos, appreciate you bro!

Striped Jacket by Gitman Bros

Shirt by Polo by Ralph Lauren

Khaki Trousers by APC x Carhartt

Zer√łGrand Shoes by Cole Haan


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