Purposeful NYC Trip | Justin Bieber in Madison Square Garden


Get on a plane to NYC, and watch Justin Bieber in Madison Square Garden for his Purpose tour. Sounds a little far-fetched as I was sorting through books/clearing out space in my newly moved in condo when I suddenly got the call! I couldn’t believe it at first, jaw still dropped I answered a quick “Yes, yes, G!” Haha. Truth be told is that I’ve been a fan Justin’s new sound -Skrillex produced and elements of tropical house mixed with a synthesized current of R&B. I was excited, I’ve never been to a Justin Bieber concert let alone in Madison Square Garden! I knew this awesome experience would be too much to pass up on, not to mention sharing my photos and experiences in NYC/the concert with you guys after the show!

Arriving and not getting over jetlag at all but supercharged with the excitement to catch the concert!




The famous arena was already filled by the time David, Dez, Lance and I arrived rushing to our seats. When Justin came up on stage (even prior) it was so hard to talk and hear over the screaming of 20,000 people!

Bieber fever in the Garden!


Jo Post Malone opened for Justin and got the crowd warmed up with his brand of Hip-Hop/Country Trap.


The show had everything, from pyrotechnics, smoke, lasers, harnesses, water falling from the sky, and of course confetti!


New York really is the place for performances, who wouldn’t be inspired to do their very best but in ol’ New York.


Top of the Rock! Thanks for the cool Fujifilm Instax Wide shot Lance!


Central Park exploring with David and Lance made for really good photos, as seen below.


The photo below was taken by my sister who resides in the city , who was as surprised as I am when I told her that I’d be “in town” She replied to my message “Huh? What town? Here?! When?” I still like pulling pranks on her, last time I visited I just showed up at her doorstep stating I was a delivery man haha! Thanks for the photo Ate!


Casually strolling around with the the 107 year old Manhattan Bridge behind us. This was such a great “candid” photo!


What a trip! I’ll be back for sure and will take you guys with me (digitally)


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Photos taken with the Fujifilm XT-10.

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