Made Fresh, With More Flavors Than You Can Shake A Stick At | Wingstop Opening Glorietta 2


Wingstop just opened up their 9th fast casual (as they would put it) restaurant in the country! Wingstop is America’s largest wings chain and I am pretty stoked that the Table Group decided bring it in to the Philippines!  Wingstop Glorietta 2 (across landmark) is now also serving up the signature wings with 9 different flavors!  They launched with a big party, with great music, hip-hop dancers, wings, and a refreshing guestlist. Badkiss played first setting the tone for the evening -block party, which also felt to me like an actual backyard barbeque atmosphere complete with seemingly unending drinks in iced metal drums.


My personal favorite right after the diabolical Atomic wings are these! Garlic Parmesan for the win! All wings are crisped perfectly, sauced liberally, and soft and moist on the inside. I am getting hungry just writing about them again!


Cajun (foreground) and Atomic on the far end. Nice to go through the whole spectrum of spiciness ranging from mild to Atomic!


As I said, free flowing drinks! They had a number of these iced drums for guests. Ice cold!


Hand sauced and tossed, the wings are made fresh. Troy Aikman swears by them (NFL Fans, may know him). These are the type of wings that are just plain delicious.


There are 9 flavors available, Hickory Smoked Barbecue, Hot Buffalo, Mild Buffalo, Garlic Parmesan, Cajun, Teriyaki, Lemon Pepper, Louisiana Rub and my personal favorite the hottest and spiciest Atomic! One thing I like about it is that it’s not just plain old heat but actually flavourful combined with the sweat inducing heat! Great ice breaker I tell you!


Great seating areas which all have quick access to paper towels, and sinks to wash off the sauce from your fingers. Others use provided plastic gloves but where’s the fun in that?


This little fellow’s wing game was strong, he was just walking around enjoying his wings and apparently acting grown up (according to his mom)


Nix Damn P! This was my second time to see him play that day, he is all over the place! Great tunes, always surprising what he decides to play.


Chino, giving me the “I just had a couple of atomic wings my mouth is on fire” look.


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Glorietta 2, Greenhillls Promenade, Estancia, Eastwood, University Mall, Trinoma, Fairview Terraces, Starmall Prima Taguig, Starmall Las Pinas

Timely | SevenFriday

“What time is it”

A beautiful woman asks your group of friends, and while the rest reach into their pockets for their phones you proudly announce the time, ask her what’s the rush, get her number, have an amazing conversation and ride off into the sunset. The end.


This never happens. But it could if you were wearing a Seven Friday. These watches have a sense of excitement about them, when on your wrist you look like you’re about to break a course record or close a deal. It’s a watch that exudes confidence, it doesn’t say country club money or finesse. It’s big on the wrist, well designed and slightly aggressive. I would say rough around the edges but it’s so well made that that wouldn’t be a fitting description.

The watch case looks retro but not to the point of novelty, and though the dial isn’t so easy to read, one doesn’t get sick of looking at it and will be impressed how much refinement is in it.


It’s a watch that isn’t conservative, traditional, or usual. It makes a statement, it shows you know a thing or two about design but aren’t looking to flaunt your wallet size.

Espoused with 15 years of in-depth experience in the watch industry, SevenFriday

founder Daniel Niederer shares his passion for advancement, product performance,

and mélange of styles. “Our intention was to create a timepiece with the best

standards and highly perceived value, but still quite affordable. We wanted to

produce a watch that you just don’t put in a drawer. Normally, you look at a watch

and you think—it’s either a jewelry watch or a sports watch. But when you look at

this watch, you’re actually not sure. Is it classic or modern? I don’t want to specify

what it stands for. I believe a good design shouldn’t explain too much,” he said.

As Niederer’s individualistic nature and lifestyle preference mirror his creations,

SevenFriday shows every self-driven and bright bloke a different take on profoundly

engineered items with the mix of two superb major features in its wristwatches—the

iconic box with an aluminum animation ring and made of stainless steel that serves

as a protective casing; and the impressive interface of mechanical layers composed

of multi-layer dial, unique hands, and complex watch movement.


Meticulous focus on material and finish combined with a workhorse Miyota caliber which keeps time better than you can makes for an excellent companion on your wrist. Highly recommended.

SEVENFRIDAY is available at the following retail stores—SevenFriday Watch Boutiques (Promenade and Mega Fashion Hall at SM Mega Mall); Washington Jewelry Emporium (Alabang Town Center, Eastwood Mall, Festival Mall, Glorietta 4, Greenbelt 1, Robinsons Place Manila, Shangri-La Plaza, Powerplant Mall Rockwell, and SM North EDSA); and Urban Superior Store at Banilad Town Center Cebu City

Unlikely Love Songs | Walking Through A Record Store Scene

These are a selection from my “favorite tracks” on my Deezer account. Meaning they are synced and ready to listen to whenever slash wherever. Good serving of mush this sweltering afternoon. Enjoy.

“Sonsick” by San Fermin

“Stadium Soul” by Adam Green

“Everything Is New” by Slow Club

“Galaxies” By Laura Veirs

“Rolling Waves” by The Naked and Famous

All are also available on of course!

#BlackIsTheNewClean | Colgate Total Charcoal Deep Clean


Charcoal is black, teeth are white. Two questions are raised in my mind. How does it make your teeth whiter since the concept seems so counter-intuitive? And what other possible benefits can I get with this new product from Colgate?

Here’s a snippet from good ol’ wikipedia

Activated carbon, also called activated charcoal, activated coal, or carbo activatus, is a form of carbon processed to have small, low-volume pores that increase the surface area available for adsorption or chemical reactions.[1] Activated is sometimes substituted with active.

Due to its high degree of microporosity, just one gram of activated carbon has a surface area in excess of 500 m2, as determined by gas adsorption. An activation level sufficient for useful application may be attained solely from high surface area; however, further chemical treatment often enhances adsorption properties.

This microporosity and surface area in just a minute amount of charcoal is more than a football field! I now realize the logic behind how it can remove toxins and stains from your teeth resulting in whiter teeth! Benefits from a substantial amount of toxins and bacteria being expunged from your mouth are stated on the the professional looking tube of toothpaste, to protect from cavities, plaque, sensitivity, tartar, staining, bad breath, et cetera.


On top of the aesthetic quality of whiter teeth and social appeal of fresh breath, removing bacteria also contributes largely to better mouth health. Now I know why #BlackIsTheNewClean.



A Decidedly Men’s Store in High Street Central | GENERAL


Linen Jacket by Uniqlo, Linen Shirt, COS Trousers, Massimo Dutti driving shoes, American Apparel Belt, Vintage 1973 Seiko Watch. (mirror shot. I really need an intern!)


GENERAL!  A decidedly Men’s store, one of the few in Manila. I was invited over to check out the new collection of Lyle & Scott, being on a holiday and fond of the brand, I decided to make the visit. The moment you step into the GENERAL store, a feeling of quality is felt. The polished concrete floors, geometric tiles, oxblood chesterfield couch all lend an air that is very british and longstanding.


I particularly liked the window display as it was travel themed and had an informed explorer feel to it as opposed to a glossy, well-heeled yet out of place checklist traveller.


I love Harrington jackets, they have always been quintessentially british to me. The red one is perfect for people looking to incorporate (a lot) more color into their wardrobes.


I take a long time looking and selecting clothes, thinking of how to incorporate into my existing closet, if the stitches are clean, if the material is natural or synthetic, and the walang kamatayang “is this a good investment?”


Trying things on, I opened the curtain just for the photo of course! This is an older piece, but fits really well, felt like Steve McQueen until the moment I took it off.


No fail oxford shirt, with some nice details that make it unique.


Of course a discussion about the different brands available in the store, top of my head I remember Lyle & Scott, Penfield, Johnston & Murphy, SWIMS, Clae, Herschel, Hedgren, Boxfresh and Reyn Spooner. Well established brands that are identifiable for us guys and with rich brand histories. GENERAL is a good store to check out if you’re looking for new styles or upgrades to your existing favorites.





Your Top Blogs | Nuffnang Country Manager’s Dinner

I31B0057Ritz, ang blurry ng photo mo! Haha, black and white nga lang. The one right next to me is Abe, Country Manager for Nuffnang Philippines! Usually in Geekynights he’s the tech guru and Mr. Yugatech, or plain ol’ Abe but that night he was hotshot bigwig mode haha!

Nuffnang is the world’s leading blog advertising community which connects brands with bloggers, as well as strengthens ties and relationships between other bloggers as well. It’s like a big summer camp with lots of talented folk, wherein everyone has their own expertise or speciality. You have style and fashion bloggers, tech bloggers, food bloggers, fitness bloggers, et cetera. It’s a great mix of interesting characters! Interaction is usually more online than offline (irl) so it was great to hang out and share ideas and of course eat, drink and be merry at the Nuffnang Country Manager’s Dinner which happened at Vyne at Bonifacio Global City.


A flurry of drinks and cocktails were served.


Together with a 9-course meal!


I am sure the food bloggers’ photos are way better! Our table couldn’t resist the food long enough to shoot it!


Developing opinions on the food served.


I am easily pleased, burger burger burger!


On to the awards! Project queen (person with most projects) this year was Jackie Go!


Highest …hair was David Guison! Haha just kidding bro!


I was a runner-up in that category as well! Okay ba?


Other awards were given that night as well as King of Projects, as well as top hits! But more importantly, we had a name that tune game which I was sure I’d win.


Impromptu hosting courtesy of Nyko.




The party was divided into teams, one team per table!


The Soshal Network with their best guesses cracked everyone up!


I had a chance to win but I messed up Britney Spears’ song title, apparently it’s “…Baby One More Time” and not “Hit Me Baby One More time” Grrrr… sayang! It’s ok, I’m not pikon. Honest!


Congrats.                                        Haha!


My running discussion buddy, Jinoe Gavan of!


Photobooth pictures were also on the agenda!


Join Nuffnang!

Overprepared | Bloggers United 8


H&M for Brick Lane Bikes Jacket, Ohio State Deadstock Tee, Cheap Monday Pants, Saucony Shadow 5000

Bloggers United 8 was fun! A little rushed since I had to make my way back home again to pack relief goods, but fun. I think I must’ve listened to the internet too much about the weather as I came too prepared wearing a rain jacket to overcast conditions. I knew I had to take a photo as evidence! Haha, thanks Divine for taking the photo. Pwede na.


Lots of great pieces from very informed and stylish people! Hi JP!


Cotton candy! Was tempted but opted for some “real” food instead.


I liked how Sbarro was here this year! Like I said, real food! Pizza is a major food group.


Divine and Dani


Divine and friends!



Will have to stay longer next time! Congratulations Bloggers United, we did it!



Seeing A Band Live Is A Great Way To Spend A Wednesday Night | CHVRCHES


artwork by: Rob Cham


I don’t remember which band I’ve seen perform live last, it always used to be a sort of checklist or a matter of updating the list I have on When the announcement was made (when I saw the news on Instagram) I knew I had to see CHVRCHES! I had only seen them once before, during Coachella early this year but the stage was ultra packed and I could only get so near. Music festivals are great, but going to a venue for the sole purpose of seeing one band perform live has its advantages as everyone is really there just to see them, and you’re more likely to get a better spot relatively up front. The energy of the crowd is very enthusiastic and infectious, half of which with phones up trying to perpetuate their performance. Met some fans who lined up as early as 3PM, talk about dedication! I had a great time, they sound very electro live and have a bit more edge and attitude. Whatever is in the water in Glasgow works, as so many notable music acts have emerged from there.

L1120052 L1120078L1120088 L1120117 L1120151L1120055L1120166

Amazing night, congratulations to such an extraordinary show Vybe Productions, SM Accessories and should I say Laneway Productions? Perhaps Manila is ready for its very own Laneway Festival as well. Excited for the coming year!

A Luxury Within Reach | BDO Autoloan


I, like millions of Filipinos have commuted my way around the metropolis and even to some provinces!  In high school, my friends and classmates all had their rides, which I didnt really envy since I didnt really have to be anywhere important at that time. Plus, I didnt have to worry about gas money or parking! This mindset of mine went well on until college, wherein I still took both the MRT and the LRT to get to DLSU everyday. The everyday commute, eventually got me dreaming about a car. To tell you honestly, the yearning for a set of wheels was inevitable. I was tired. Tired of having to deal with cramped riding spaces, the rush hour lines, and patting myself down for stored value cards. Id had enough! True, the savings made with choosing to take public transportation could prompt one to reconsider the big decision of purchasing a vehicle, but Id like to believe that as a person moves up in life, their time becomes even more valuable to themselves and to others. Time is a definite luxury and the ability to choose what to do with it is worth more than gold. A car gives an individual the opportunity to manage time.


A car is independence. It is freedom. The liberation from queuing up at a taxi lane, and the ability to act when an emergency (heaven forbid) should happen. One can also expect to be as safe in a car as they can be within their own home. These conveniences, luxuries coupled with safety, are yet more pros to add to the numerous benefits to owning a car. If you have read this far, Im sure youve already weighed the pros and cons of ownership.


Still, factoring in the downpayment, the monthly amortisation and all other expenses, including maintenance can seem very daunting especially to first-timer buyers. Besides the usual worries, there is also that doubt if your loan will be approved or not! See, it makes no difference if youre a college student or an accomplished businessman, that worry will always be present. Before, one would have to wait a week or two, or even longer to find out the decision. Nowadays however, it can be within 24 hours be it a loan for a brand new or used car! This type of convenience and efficient service given to borrowers is a refreshing change and is one of the many things why I appreciate BDO Auto Loan. Flexible terms are also given importance and can be tailored to your lifestyle and budget, with a minimum downpayment of 20% (brand new) or 30% (for used cars) one can be sure to drive off with a great deal. If you are also feeling more confident and/or want to lower your amortisation, you can simply increase your initial cash out.

So lets have a quick rundown.

Flexible payment terms that fit your budget, check!

Option for both brand new and used cars, check!

Fast loan processing. Approval within 24 hours, check!

Lower amortisation with increased initial cash out, check!

Payment convenience, check!

One other neat thing is that you can earn BDO Rewards Points with your BDO Auto Loan which can be redeemed at any SM Department store for items of your choice. Now hows that for sweetening the deal.

End of the day, some luxuries seem too lofty, extravagant and hard to reach. But I believe that BDO offers luxury within reach. To finally wake up in the morning, head to your garage and to start up the engine of the car you’ve always wanted and be filled with that feeling of confidence that you can go anywhere and anyplace.

For more info visit: