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Christmas is right around the corner, and an air of nostalgia and gift giving is upon us. Reminds me of being a kid back in my old room having framed posters of various exotics in different colors. This fondness of automobiles extended to model cars as well as RCs which were very accurate in terms of detail and in my mind, speed when I would play with them.

Fast forward to today’s rides and dream automobiles, we now have Hypercars which are leaps and bounds towards vehicle superiority with horsepower numbers approaching the 1000hp mark. These cars are exotic and they are definitely superior in terms design, specs, and technology. Enter Pagani and its newest entries into the Supercar pantheon, namely the Pagani Zonda Revolucion, The Pagani Huayra, and the Pagani Huayra BC. Just hearing these names sends images of these hypercars burning rubber and hearing the seemingly limitless power of their engines. Take your imagination further by owning a Pagani Licensed die cast 1:32 scale model which can accelarate, drift, and more!

For every Php 500 single or accumulated purchase of fuels (Petron Blaze 100 Euro 6, Petron XCS, Petron Xtra Advance, Petron Turbo Diesel, and Petron Diesel Max) as well as engine oils (Petron Ultron, Petron RevX, and Petron Sprint 4T) at a participating Petron service station entitles the customer to buy one hypercar for only Php 300. The promo is available at over 1,400 participating Petron stations nationwide, and will run from October 28 to November 11, 2017.

Three models, all specially licensed from Pagani features functioning doors and can fast forward just like in the metal are included in this collection:

The Pagani Zonda Revolucion is considered one of the most expensive and most exclusive cars in the world. With a

price tag exceeding Php 200-M, only five units were built. It sports a Mercedes-AMG 6-liter V6 engine that produces

an output of 789 hp and 730 Nm of torque. Top speed is 350kph, and acceleration time from 0-100 kph is 2.6 seconds.

The Petron Pagani Zonda Revolucion toy cars are available in black and purple.

The Pagani Huayra was named “Hypercar of the Year 2012” and was featured in the 2013 Transformers 4 movie. With

production limited to 100 units, it retailed for over Php 100-M and was sold out by 2015. The Petron Pagani Huayra

toy cars are offered in yellow and orange.

The Pagani Huayra BC is a more extreme version, with just 20 units produced. Its 6-liter V6 twin turbocharged AMG

engine produces 740 hp and 1,100 Nm of torque. For the Petron toy car collection, the Pagani Huayra BC comes in red

and white.

Do you want to be among the first owners of a Pagani Hypercar in the Philippines? For its much-awaited year-end toy car promo, industry leader Petron Corporation’s 2017 offering will both surprise and delight avid motorsports enthusiasts and scale model collectors with its Petron Pagani Hypercar Collection.


For every P500 worth of Petron Fuel or engine oil, get a Pagani

Automobili Hypercar limited edition toy car for only P300 at any

participating station.

Promo duration: Oct 28 to December 10 , 2017 in over 1,400 Petron stations nationwide.

Per DTI-FTEB Permit No. 15211 Series of 2017.

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