SM Accessories Holiday Collection Launch!

Standing out is a whole lot better than blending in most of the time nowadays, and what better way to do it but with SM Accessories, the fashion accessories authority is always visible in the wardrobes of the country’s stylish and famous set.  Being the biggest accessories go-to in the country, SM Accessories also boasts a plethora of colors, styles, and designs that make you stand out in a very good way. SM Accessories is known for the latest, trendsetting items that you may have seen celebrities, numerous artistas, and the style savvy. Last November 15, SM Accessories gathered up the “it” …

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VIDEO | BBC The Perfect Suit

A witty exploration of the evolution of the gentleman’s suit. Alastair Sooke only owns one suit, but he is fascinated by how the matching jacket and trousers has become a uniform for men. Over the last 100 years the suit has evolved from working man’s Sunday best to the casual wear of royalty. For many ‘the suit’ is synonymous with all that is dull. But tailor Charlie Allen, Top Man chief designer Gordon Richardson and Sir Paul Smith show Alastair that the suit can be a cutting-edge fashion item and ‘armour’ to face the world. [source: BBC]

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Looking Forward to Better (Style) Choices

I consider myself a fairly well-dressed individual who may know a thing or two about style (if you disagree, then you either 1. humour me, or 2. stop reading and just focus on the other photos or posts on my blog) but I know that this wasn’t always the case. There were definitely phases and trends which I went through or tried that I’d rather forget. I am sure I’m not alone in this, we all must have awkward and unstylish photos hidden away in boxes or high school photo albums that we’d rather just forget. Unfortunately for me/us though, …

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GEEKY NIGHTS CONTEST #EarlyGeekyChristmas (Soundfreaq Sound Platform)

We’re giving away a Soundfreak Sound Platform!

Answer this question: “What episode is our first ever LIVE show in Subspace Coffee?”

Kindly send your answer to GeekyNights (at) gmail (dot) com 

On the email subject, write “Geeky Nights Soundfreaq Sound Platform – <Insert Answer>

You are only allowed to submit 1 answer. Your first answer will be your final entry.

You have to tweet “I joined @geekynights #EarlyGeekyChristmas contest”after you send the email.

Clue: You can download old episodes of Geeky Nights via subscribing to our iTunes Podcast:

Include your full name, address and contact info (Twitter/Facebook/mobile number)

Deadline of submission is November 12, 2012, 12PM!

We will announce the winner during our live show the next day! 

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Dressing like Bond | A Quick How To

I think all guys have wanted to dress like Bond at one point, and why wouldn’t you? He’s the debonaire gentleman who has all the cool gadgets, exotic cars and of course gets to make friendly with beautiful women. We’ve worked out the game plan in our heads, dress a little bit like him and maybe some of that onscreen charisma will find it’s way into your arsenal. If not, then at least you’ll look more stylish and confident which should get you more attention from the ladies. The Tuxedo. Buy a tux, it doesn’t need to be bespoke or …

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