The second weekend of Coachella’s done but I’m still getting over the excitement and spectacle that was weekend one! Here’s a video of one of my favourite performances this year. The Naked and Famous were thrilled to be on the main stage of Coachella, and rightfully so as it was their debut appearance in the famed festival.

Alisa Xayalith, the band’s singer couldn’t hide her excitement as she snapped photos of the crowd to remember perhaps the biggest “gig” her band has ever played.

Check out the video and enjoy the song, I think I spotted a Philippine flag in the crowd at 4:08.

Finding each other again. The phrase itself is so hopeful, idealistic and definitely romantic. It brings to mind, well my mind at least a person being lost at sea and suddenly finding the lighthouse which will then lead you back to shore. Melodramatic, but such is the case when yearning for feelings of the past when one really should be looking to enjoying, appreciating, and experiencing the love that is present. I am, by no means an expert on this sort of thing. But hopefully by this post I can share a little thing or two I know about the mystery that has brought about many a chick-flick.


Being with my girlfriend has been great, we share a lot of common interests despite our seemingly different personalities. She, the outgoing, outspoken and vibrant person. While I, the more imperceptible and careful with words one. Yet somehow, we’ve influenced each other positively to gain the traits of one another. But I suppose the reason for this may be that old saying “tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell who you are” or to something of that extent. I say this because that’s exactly what Divine and I are, first and foremost we are incredibly good friends in addition to being significant others. It’s the reason why it just works.


We talk to each other like friends, oftentimes sounding like pals arguing on who gets the last slice of pizza or who gets to choose which channel to watch. If I see something I don’t like, I call it out. Also if she doesn’t agree with my opinion, she says it likewise. Being open and speaking to each other as individuals best irons out any misunderstandings.

I watched this really sweet video and I really saw that no matter how small or simple the surprise, making the effort can show your partner that you really appreciate them. Flowers, a handwritten note, or cooking works! Kahit na hindi masarap yung niluto niyo, sigurado maappreciate niya yan!


There is no magic formula or secret guide to be read or applied, just keep listening to one another, remember that being friends help set the foundations for your being together. Talk to each other, laugh, text, talk (whenever you feel like saying “I love you” at any given moment, do it. I shouldn’t matter where you are) and smile a lot! Being on the same page is huge for couples! Also, don’t forget that you’ve already found each other that will give you the faith to get through any stormy weather so long as you’re sailing in the same boat. 


NYC Goes From Day to Night in One Frame
Photographer Stephen Wilkes spent a minimum of ten hours taking hundreds of shots to create each one of his Day to Night. Weaving and blending thirty to fifty parts, the photo-collagist extraordinaire created seamless, surrealist scenes of New York City life…This “fluid narrative” captures two sides of each landmark and the never-ending current of energy cycling throughout. See the series at Chelsea’s Clamp Art Gallery, September 8 through October 29th.
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Having a gradual day.


NYC Goes From Day to Night in One Frame

Photographer Stephen Wilkes spent a minimum of ten hours taking hundreds of shots to create each one of his Day to Night. Weaving and blending thirty to fifty parts, the photo-collagist extraordinaire created seamless, surrealist scenes of New York City life…This “fluid narrative” captures two sides of each landmark and the never-ending current of energy cycling throughout. See the series at Chelsea’s Clamp Art Gallery, September 8 through October 29th.

More at FlavorWire!

(via NotCot)


Having a gradual day.

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photo MRLManila_PosterFBAD_SMAccessoriesOnlinePromo_zps4e8987eb.jpg

Who is excited about the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis concert on March 16?! I know I’m definitely looking forward to the concert at the MOA Arena! 8PM!

I just realised that I’ve been listening to Seattle based hip-hop duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis longer than I knew, as randomly shuffling songs sometimes can make you singalong to hidden gems. My first discovery of how great their music was when I heard “Fake Empire” a couple of years back. It was one of those songs that hint at social commentary without being blatantly remonstrative.

Fast forward to the humorous and tongue in cheek(?) idealism of “Thrift Shop” which puts style above expensive clothes and logos, and eventually the horn led and incredibly catchy rhythm of “Can’t Hold Us” featuring the perfect combination with vocalist Ray Dalton can easily make fans out critics.

As brilliant and passionate the duo is about their music, they also have evolved consciences. In their song “Wing$” they speak of life in the hood as a kid wearing your new kicks while feeling you’re part of a bigger movement of sorts, the insatiable desire to be “cool” and while also being nervous of getting your precious pair creased, dirty, or even mugged for is surprisingly accurate of how the sneaker craze has evolved for young(?) people. In addition, in their song “Same Love” featuring Mary Lambert they call out issues of homophobia in the hip-hop community, and also urge people to second guess their language and be mindful of their sometimes automatic expressions such as uttering words like “that’s gay” even if meant as a joke. Great example of how good music can also be intelligent and sometimes refreshingly pro-equality.

Alright! Definitely excited to see these guys live! I’m sure you guys are too! So I am giving away Two (2) Lower Box B tickets to their show on March 16, 2014 valued at P2650 each! All you have to do is join the contest below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Follow online accounts of SM Accessories on FB, Twitter, and IG. 
Also tweet and use these as hashtags: #SMAccessoriesSummer and #SMAccessoriesxMacklemoreRyanLewis! Good luck!

photo 1_zps94f6193c.jpg Ice hockey is definitely my favourite sport, not only because it was predominantly the only sport that I’ve played since I was 12 years old (see photo above, the one on the left!) but because of the skill, practice, dedication, wits, and speed needed to excel at it. I mean, first you have to know how to skate, handle a puck, avoid getting knocked down by an opposing team, and then when the rare chance opens up when you can shoot the puck, you have to then defeat a goalie who takes up more than half of the net! Those are a few reasons to begin with!

(some photos of the old rink at SM Megamall)

photo 3_zps2094aff5.jpg

In case some of you are wondering, that structural post used to be part of a much larger DJ booth back when the rink first opened up. Yes, one had to skate around it. It was like a permanent defenseman!

photo 2_zps152896f1.jpg

I suppose the fact that being in Manila where frozen lakes are unheard of also made the notion of speeding across the ice while whacking a little rubber disk into a goal sounded like a really cool idea not to mention a fun game.

photo 4_zps0ec6dc19.jpg

Oh, and who could ever forget the famous Disney movies Champions… 

photo cmpns_zps15a11d46.jpg

…and The Mighty Ducks! Knucklepuck! Hahaha! These films really inspired a lot of the earlier players to try out the sport!

photo d2-the-mighty-ducks-movie-poster-1994-1020265394_zps9c0b18f4.jpg

photo ducks_zps316f3905.jpg

Anyway, before I keep talking about the Wingers, the SM Ice Skating Rink in Cebu, or some other dated reference, let me talk about today’s scene!

With the winter olympics recently concluded, wherein Canada grabbed the gold for Men’s (and Women’s) hockey. I suddenly wondered what was happening with our local league. Having skated a few weeks prior, I caught up with one of my old teammates (since 1995) Bong Pestañas and asked how things were going on the local level. He said that the games were fairly regular with a regular season as well as playoffs! I wondered, olympics na ba yung next target? So with every intention to start playing again, I made my way over to the SM Mall of Asia to check out how the guys today play, checking out the competition!photo L1100084_zpsa24d1ccf.jpg

I caught the Mustangs vs Omni match, and snapped away!

photo L1100097_zpsa7587092.jpg

Fighting for the loose puck!

photo I31B8231_zpsd174c1cd.jpg

Nice to see the intensity of the game again!

photo I31B8233_zps3e2006c6.jpg

photo I31B8235_zps864c0267.jpg

photo I31B8219_zps3a7b67b2.jpg

The goalie watching the play on the other end of the ice.

photo I31B8230_zpsced23d1c.jpg

The referees were very competent and made good calls, but in a game this fast-paced some fouls may have slipped by them. photo I31B8237_zps6aa79540.jpg

I would say that there’s contact during the games, but it’s a good sportsmanlike kind -to get to the puck, and not to send your opponent flying across the ice.

photo I31B8241_zps1797fbae.jpg

Mustangs made the first goal of the night, while Omni was on a powerplay no less!

photo I31B8261_zpsf395960a.jpg

To which Mike Wang (#9) of Omni quickly replied by sending one into the net!

photo I31B8268_zpsc1121349.jpg

It’s great seeing the teamwork the teams showed, the seamless line changes and speed of the game!

photo I31B8227_zpsb492b742.jpg

On the breakaway!

photo I31B8269_zps20aa5aff.jpg

Rejected by the goalie!

photo I31B8275_zpsa051a83c.jpg

photo L1100099_zps7513f734.jpg

Scrambling for possession. 

photo I31B8285_zps2e81cf07.jpg

Protecting the puck.

photo I31B8292_zps52b3754e.jpg

The Mustangs’ goalie making sure he knows where the puck is.

photo L1100098_zpsa650dd27.jpg

In this game you only have a few moments to decide what to do, pass, dump, or take it over the neutral zone!

photo I31B8208_zps7127993d.jpg

You really have to earn your space on the ice!

photo I31B8314_zps6f430e26.jpg

Playing your position properly is a real deciding factor if your team wins or loses! No room for puckhogs here!

photo I31B8226_zpsbf1f1f49.jpg

Now that’s a breakaway!

photo I31B8318_zpsd8f2b07d.jpg

Omni coming into the neutral zone.

photo I31B8322_zps0a28f103.jpg

and into the offensive zone.

photo I31B8342_zpsb369055a.jpg

Ended up just watching the game, so by this time I already put down my camera! Haha!

photo L1100109_zps96461cff.jpg

Amazing to see the game live and breathe in the sport again! Looking forward to playing next season! Games are now played Monday, Wednesday and Fridays! Awesome! Catch them around 8:30pm at the SM Mall of Asia Ice Skating Rink!

If anybody’s interested in learning how to play ice hockey. You can contact these numbers below.

Mall of Asia 556-0469

Southmall 800-0426

and check SM Ice Skating’s Facebook Page here.

If you’ve played in the past and are looking to get back into it, check out..

Hockey Philippines’ official site, home of the Manila Ice Hockey League.

Manila Ice Hockey League Facebook Page here.

…and to find out who won this match and the schedule of other matches check out the MIHL League Lineup page here

Earlier today, right after having lunch I noticed a box arrived for me. As I wasn’t expecting anything to be delivered, I inspected the package closer and saw that it came from Shanghai! Hey, this must be the package from my new buddy Jason! So I opened it up…

photo P1030709_zps1463a34c.jpg

Figured it was Converse sneakers (of course) and guessed they would be Chuck Taylor All-Stars just by gut feel. The weight was a little heavier than expected, I then thought ah, baka Jack Purcells….

photo P1030710_zpsa47b7985.jpg

Then upon closer inspection…

photo P1030711_zps289a6745.jpg

Oh man! Is this what I think it is?! Yes! Converse x NBHD! Unbelievable!

photo P1030712_zps18aa126b.jpg


photo P1030714_zpsc30e8bd6.jpg

The rear lattice is supposed to signify NEIGHBORHOOD’s love for motorcycle culture! These really feel premium, and have a bit of heft to them but in no way cumbersome.

photo P1030719_zpsf1a3e19d.jpg

I’ve only seen this on streetwear blogs but never thought I’d get my hands on a pair! It’s insane! These really feel like a whole another sneaker. The detail put into these are tremendous, not to mention extra comfortable considering the upgraded sole. There’s more info below about the pair besides my glowing review of them!

photo P1030715_zpsc3e515ad.jpg

Still the same, classic you know but with a few little upgrades…

photo P1030716_zpse6e8bcd8.jpg

Metal eyelets, canvas lining, clean white midsole, extra set of contrast laces, NEIGHBORHOOD branded lace tips.and a softer and a more supportive sole that drive the fact that these sneakers aren’t just pretty but are also meant to be worn -and for a long time!

photo P1030720_zps7ebddb93.jpg

Late of last year, Converse announced the release of their collaboration with Tokyo based lifestyle brand NEIGHBORHOOD. As expected, the style and shape of the two releases (namely the Jack Purcell Johnny mid, and the All Star Chuck ‘70 Ox) go virtually unchanged save for the extra attention to detail and unmistakably premium additions to the classic pair.

photo P1030724_zps9ef4ea7f.jpg

I like their colour as well, a kind of deep purple-bluish thing that at first glance you don’t know how to wear them but the clean white sole makes sure they pretty much go with everything.

photo P1030721_zpse4943f46.jpg

Here are some photos lifted off the official site! Talk about clean!

photo 1neighbor_zps3e43dd29.jpg

Something tells me these babies are going to be in constant circulation for a long time! photo 2neighbor_zps83633875.jpg

So awesome!  Thanks Jason! Big up to you! You the man! 

photo P1030730_zps1f3fab7c.jpg

 photo I31B7989_zpsa7ce430f.jpg

I love driving, it’s one of the things a man can and should do once he is old and competent enough to. Sure, being chauffeured around may be ideal given the traffic and parking situation oftentimes but there is still nothing else like the sound of the throttle and that initial rush when you hit 60 after rapid heartbeats. Imagine my delight when Mazda invited myself along with my Geeky Nights crew to test out the new SkyActiv engines on their new Mazda 6s and CX5s!

photo I31B7783_zps35049877.jpgphoto I31B7791_zps17474709.jpg

The newly redesigned engines on the vehicles our group tested allows the driver to drive spiritedly while at the same time being very efficient in fuel consumption! I know, I know, those two don’t ever go together! And yet… while I was listening to the presentation pre-race I found myself nodding and getting these little eureka moments whenever I heard “higher compression” and “better fuel burn” I believe it’s a great alternative to hybrid or electric cars in terms of overall maintenance costs and convenience.

photo I31B7798_zps7355d711.jpg

On to the race! We embarked on our journey to test out how these new cars would fare out on the busy streets of Metro Manila first, then the much awaited highway drive which was obviously the favourite of all the different teams that joined. Let me remind everyone that there was no hypermiling here, it’ was a straight up driving with the radio and A/C on (okay, maybe just until 20degrees which was even chilly for the occupants in the back) not to mention driving with gusto!

photo I31B7809_zps62a144d4.jpgphoto I31B7864_zps97d669cb.jpg

While driving, I was surprised when all of a sudden when approaching one of Metro Manila’s numerous stoplights I thought I had lost hearing for a second because all of a sudden I couldn’t hear the engine or the aircon anymore! Enter the iStop! Apparently the car senses you don’t need the engine for and switches it off! I know, it sounds a little unorthodox but the thinking behind it is that the iStop activates you are no longer using any fuel at all. It’s a smart little system which has all sorts of safety features and intricacies so you don’t even need to mess about with controls or buttons to have it work for you. It’s best used for light to moderate traffic and when the outside temperature isn’t sweltering.

photo I31B7827_zps7acbbe1f.jpg

i-eLoop is also a neat feature of the new cars, it’s essentially a power bank like that for your cellphone but this one charges up when you step on the brakes or when vehicle slows down naturally. It then powers all the electronics in the car so your engine is used for it’s original purpose -to burn fuel and output power to your four wheels!

photo I31B7883_zps62774577.jpg

Convoy of red, white and gray! Everyone was really toe to toe in terms of race pace and were really pushing for the most efficient run! The highway part of the route was definitely my favorite as I got to see all the cars in their element.

photo I31B7932_zpsae50fa28.jpg

Weather was perfect, good enough to check oneself with their sidemirror! The cars had this effect on most of the teams, instapogi ika nga.

photo I31B7885_zps8e80392a.jpg

Our team drove with the aircon set to an extremely comfortable setting, as well as doing what all responsible males do on the highway (overtaking when able) let’s just wait and see if the results for our fuel efficiency come out good or bad!

photo I31B8084_zpseb6f54bb.jpg

What a beaut! Stay tuned for more!

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 photo Nokia-Lumia-1020_zps79642996.jpg

The Nokia Lumia 1020, at first you look at the phone and it’s like one of those phones you’re not quite sure of. First of all it’s yellow, yes yellow! Which.. is kind of… let’s just put it this way who in their right mind would choose a phone that’s yellow? But honestly after how many days of use, the color starts to grow on you. Maybe it’s just refreshing after having black or metallic phones.

 photo I31B5904_zps01cf5d03.jpg

Let’s skip the outward appearances for now as well as the other phone features because through the lens is where the magic really happens. The Nokia Lumia 1020 has a whopping 41MP pureview lumia camera, which is just waiting to be used and to quote unquote replace your DSLR! Below are a few shots from various situations so that you can be the judge.

photo WP_20140114_07_23_39_Pro_zps59f63181.jpg

The dynamic range on its sensor is great, though one experiences a little bit of lag when shooting it’s forgivable when realizing you can digitally crop to your heart’s content.

photo WP_20131228_00_02_33_Pro_zps178021e5.jpg

A little lowlight test during a charming Nokia dinner.

photo WP_20131218_05_08_53_Pro_zpsa4d01c21.jpg

Morning gloom seems to look artistic and deliberate.

photo WP_20131214_14_45_58_Pro_zpsbaf829c7.jpg photo WP_20131213_23_36_23_Pro_zps5fd78488.jpg

How many of you guys have stood up from your non-window seat inflight to snap a few shots?

photo WP_20131210_12_59_56_Pro_zpsf9ddd51a.jpg

More lowlight.

photo WP_20131209_17_39_32_Pro_zpsb2eb4680.jpg

Hotel lobby photo! Handing your phone to someone to take a picture also doesn’t spell disaster or out of focus shots since it’s easy enough for anyone to use. DSLRs usually require further instructions to get at the very least a decent photo.

photo WP_20131209_17_01_47_Pro_zpse2452bbc.jpg

Casual shots outside a car window.

photo WP_20131208_15_00_51_Pro_zps4fb0668f.jpg

I really enjoy the wide field of view the camera gives 25mm @ 16:9 aspect ratio with Carl Zeiss optics with the widest aperture at f/2.2. It’s not as wide as let’s say an action sports camera but there is obviously less distortion to post process.

photo WP_20131208_14_58_15_Pro_zps78d97031.jpg photo WP_20131208_14_54_52_Pro_zps923cc688.jpg

Simple street shots can easily be fit to print!

photo WP_20131208_11_59_36_Pro_zpsf643fe7e.jpg photo WP_20131208_11_48_59_Pro_zps7dedff4e.jpg

The phone also encourages one to shoot considering it’s so small and doesn’t make you feel like you’re carrying Fort Knox with all your expensive lenses and gear. More shots and definitely more keepers.

photo WP_20131207_04_26_31_Pro_zps88dcf096.jpg

Perfect tool for food blogs too, without disturbing fellow diners. Listed macro focus is at 15cm, though I didn’t have a tape measure with me I felt that the camera had a little trouble focusing at that distance.

photo WP_20131207_04_03_25_Pro_zps3ddee9cd.jpg

At the Grove, Nokia was having an event which I walked over to get a closer look and photo and was spotted by one of the emcees and won a wireless charger kit!

 photo P1020775_zps3a8dc3d0.jpg

 photo I31B6320_zps568a8905.jpg

photo WP_20131207_03_30_31_Pro_zps6782ba44.jpg

They also gave me some stickers with my photo, haha!

 photo I31B6317_zps2a655a80.jpg

XBOX One, cleared out.

photo WP_20131130_00_19_01_Pro_zps6d8f5ce5.jpg photo WP_20131128_03_01_41_Pro_zpsccee99d8.jpg photo WP_20131128_02_00_45_Pro_zps7c3fe4a3.jpg photo WP_20131128_01_58_10_Pro_zpsc9c3eabf.jpg photo WP_20131127_07_42_46_Pro_zps652d5eed.jpg

My buddy Pancho, candidly shot.

photo WP_20131122_07_51_14_Pro_zps89812618.jpg

Better weather this time, don’t mind the “not bad” face.

photo WP_20131122_07_18_14_Pro_zpsfd9a487c.jpg

Details seem to pop out at you, the images the camera produces may be a bit contrasty to some but I like it.

photo WP_20131121_23_48_58_Pro_zps12d68b22.jpg

More of the stock photo look. I say that in a good way, meaning the images are good enough to license out!

photo WP_20131121_22_44_47_Pro_zpsacef71c9.jpg

All in all I believe the Nokia Lumia 1020 is a great addition to your existing camera gear, though it is convenient and discreet for shooting, the lag one experiences with the software leaves more to be desired. You can use this for casual shots, street snaps or portraits. If you are looking to shoot sports or lowlight images, one still needs the more robust DSLR systems or mirrorless cameras. But I’m being unfair aren’t I? This is one camera that you will always have on you, and the habit of seamlessly sharing online or storing straight to your Skydrive encourages one to keep shooting, be it for personal, work, or social media usage.

photo 7107posterlineupjan21-768x1024_zps982d4073.jpg

Who is stoked?! Alright! Join the raffle and win tickets for you and your friends! Starts at 12MN!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

photo ticketswin_zpsf197fff3.jpg

7107 International Music Festival! So excited about this. If you guys don’t already know, it’s happening in Pampanga and will feature a lot of foreign and local acts as well as electronic DJs! See if you recognize some of them! 
Red Hot Chili Peppers, Empire of the Sun, The Asteroid Galaxy Tour, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Natives,Kendrick Lamar, Kaskade, Kid Ink, Alvaro, Luciana, DJ Riddler, Reid Stefan, Scarlet Heroes,
 Up Darma Down, Radio Active Sago Project, Sponge Cola, Pulso, The Ringmaster, She’s Only Sixteen, Yolanda Moon, Runmanila, Pulso, Jensen & The Flips, Maude, Abra & Loonie, DJ B-Cal, DJ Ron Poe, Nix Dam P, Encounters with Yeti, Runway Crimes, Rocksteddy, Cheats, Itchyworms, Musical O, Sleepwalk Circus, Hidden Nikki, Skymarines, Child/Ren of the Pilgrimage, The Charmes, Popular Days, The Sleepyheads, Not Another Boy Band, Wilderness, Taken by Cars, She’s Only Sixteen, Techy Romantics, Keith Bryan Haw, Marc Marasigan, Aryan, Travis Monsod, Katsy Lee, Carlo Atendido, Patrick Po, Jessica Milner, Motherbasss, Skratchmark
photo festivalmapedit_zpsc4bb7c0a.jpg

The Glitch Mob - Can’t Kill Us from the glitch mob on Vimeo.

Glitch Mob (three piece electronic group) is the type of music that makes you tap your feet, then slowly nodding your head to the beat, then when the song nears the minute mark it’s all over! Some might recognize their work from the famous GoPro commercials which used the tracks "We Can Make The World Stop" and ”Drive It Like You Stole It”. I’m not exactly sure what their genre is, but it’s what I can listen to repeatedly in the morning to get going, as a powersong when pushing for that personal best, or at the gym without feeling like such a meathead. This is a small taste of their upcoming album, and perfectly timed! I am so excited to see these guys at COACHELLA. Watch the trippy video up top.

Pre-Order LOVE DEATH IMMORTALITY now and get an instant download of “Can’t Kill Us” ~

"Can’t Kill Us" taken from LOVE DEATH IMMORTALITY ~ February 11th, 2014 ~ Glass Air Records ~

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