Ceaseless | Safeguard 5150 Triathlon

My first ever triathlon, concluded recently. After 4 months of hard training which consisted of swim, bike and run, I tested myself in the waters and roads of Panglao Island, Bohol.  photo P1150061_zps4d0e3949.jpg Bag above wasn’t mine, but whoa! Check out all the races he or she did!  photo P1150059_zpsb12c4cd3.jpg The early birds on chinese time, haha! Waiting for the rest to arrive!  photo P1150062_zps464050c4.jpg When I was introduced to Fred Uytengsu he said to me “so you’re drinking the Kool-Aid as well now huh?” jokingly. Haha! Really nice fellow.  photo P1150063_zps924e3bcb.jpg

On to the race!

Swim start was surreal, as we had to walk about a hundred meters out since it was lowtide. But was surprised by the sudden depth shortly after, waiting for the start signal 20 or so athletes (including myself) avoided treading water by perching ourselves on a half submerged rock. Incredible feeling of steady yet intense silence. Then we were off!

The pros were of course out of the water first! You see the camaraderie in the sport as Eric Watson helps out Josh with his speedsuit’s zipper.

Swimming is both very unnerving, frantic and calm and fluid at the same time depending on what you focus on in your mind. I just went back to my training with Coach Noel Salvador and tried to relax, I must’ve sighted about a dozen times, always surprised that the big buoys which marked the distance were still far off. When I finally felt some fatigue settling in, I just remembered why I set off to do the triathlon in the first place. This was for my friend, an inspiring person who believed in goals and ideals and new ideas, and who really really loved almost anything from a certain company from Cupertino. Out of the water. Finally!

On to the bike, where any type of rehearsal or practice can hardly prepare you for the speed of transition. I visualized a flying mount, but ended up being logical and just safely inserting my foot while stationary. Through the straights and climbs, I just kept counting 1-2-3-4 recalling the turbo trainer sessions with Matteo Giudicelli and Ivan Carapiet to at least keep my cadence at a constant 80-90rpm. Nice thing about the Safeguard Active 5150 Triathlon was that it had a few u-turns that allowed me to see the rest of my teammates pushing! Went past a few water stations too quickly, knocking some bottles off of volunteers’ hands. This was a tough course with false flats and a few non-aero bar friendly stretches. I was so happy to have finally switched over to the run portion after consuming 3 or so gels on the bike.

Running off the bike felt like a big disconnect and even if I must’ve perspired buckets, I didn’t feel any lighter. But, as always trust your training! Running barefoot by this time since I successfully did a flying dismount (at least!) put on my visor and Rudy Project Philippines sunglasses and improvised with getting the sand off my feet using my Saucony Philippines Fasttwitch 6s via pagpag method. Highly effective and actually no choice since my newbie self forgot to bring a towel.


Still off to the races! Running this time, which I’ve been doing the most leading up to the race (weekdays run crew with Noel dela Merced, Raj, Gerome, and Jasper!) helped a lot I think as I was a little more confident and finally found my legs after a few hundred meters. I was getting stitches probably from the timing of my nutrition (ie: gels) but soldiered on, had some hardcore rocksalt offered to me but I opted for the fizzy caffeinated drinks for those last few kms. The cheers from the crowds lining the course was a big help, as did the cooler, overcast weather. Approaching the final stretch, I sprinted and forgot all my practiced “finisher” poses and just raised my hands up in accomplishment, relief and thankfulness that I was able to finish such a race. My super supportive girlfriend ;-) Divine was at the finish line, but I was unashamedly too in the moment to properly pose for a photo. But did after my timing chip was removed! My good friends Elmer la Pena, Charmaine and Rajo Lareul were also there, talk about support! Super thank you for documenting and being there to share in my personal victories! I’m sure you guys had fun also! Matteo and Ivan at bike check-in before the race. Kristy also!  photo P1410636_zps824d9dcb.jpg   Before the urchin attack!  photo P1410660_zps7bab0349.jpg  photo P1150066_zpsa4e51517.jpg Trophies, and the DJ.  photo P1150070_zps1f8ac584.jpg photo P1150076_zps44c45b9c.jpg The very fast Raj Moreno!  photo P1150085_zpse8008fb1.jpg Bikewash? Haha!  photo P1150087_zpsf30685f0.jpg  photo P1150096_zpsef906e76.jpg Envious of this, next time will take a jumping shot also! Haha. I think our group was still in the ice bath!  photo P1150099_zps8ec8b619.jpg  photo P1150113_zps66bfd4c2.jpg  photo P1150117_zps60a9c207.jpg  photo P1150118_zps229e9ad7.jpg photo P1150125_zpse0ab4d49.jpg Matteo snapping photos of his dad Gianluca!  photo P1150133_zps024d3ac9.jpg Congratulations Giorgia! Podium finish!  photo P1150147_zpsba8bbedf.jpg  photo P1150209_zps85ff728c.jpg Rudy Project represent! These transition bags were invaluable during our race here in Bohol!  photo P1150214_zps5539b604.jpg Trusty multicab Which transported our bikes! I need one of these!  photo P1150215_zps52c35250.jpg  photo P1150216_zpse41e7181.jpg I got one of these too!  photo P1150217_zps79608fb6.jpg  photo P1150219_zps5a26ba02.jpg  photo P1150224_zps0e81e83d.jpg Separate flights equals separation anxiety! Haha!  photo P1150225_zps22c0c95d.jpg Rajo, Divine and Elmer!  photo P1150228_zpsbd654274.jpg I finally got to take a photo with Belinda Granger who is a 15x Ironman distance champion and member of the Australian Ironman Hall of Fame!  photo P1150238_zpsd27fe974.jpg photo P1150234_zps285a7fd8.jpg All in all, I would do it again. The energy, enthusiasm and competitiveness really got me hooked. That’s why I signed up for a couple of more races! Thank you so much to Tessa Prieto Valdes for inviting me to Nuvali rides back when I was still on my fixie, and got me interested in triathlon in the first place. Noel, who I ran with in Central Park after a sleepless night and had to discover compression socks for the first time. Ivan for inviting me to come train with boys, and recklessly telling me I can do it despite the short time frame leading up to the race. Matteo for being so strict with training “push! push!” Ranfu (for offering me anti-fog drops first time I met you) Giorgia, Kristy, Stefano, Claudia, Anjo and AF for entrusting me with a bike temporarily! Tita Glenna and Gianluca for the yummy food after training. Coach Bok for strengthening! Lawrence for putting me on the roster of DMax, I really felt I had to earn my spot very quickly. And last but not the least Coach Noel Salvador, for teaching my lumbering self to swim this year!   Big up also to Saucony Philippines, Rudy Project, Specialized, 2XU and RETUL (Glenn Colendrino)!

Here’s the video from Aero Eye Asia!

Safeguard Active 5150 (Bohol) – 09.28.2014 from AeroEye Asia on Vimeo.

Deezer Wants To Fly You Out to Masskara Festival! | SmartDeezer, SmartMasskara

I think it’s about time for a RAFFLE! Festivals are one of my top things to do when I’m out of town, so when I have a few days off automatic na #bookit! It’s awesome to hang out with friends in such a lively atmosphere, and since this one is going to be in “the city of smiles” I expect it to be all the more fun!


Smart Postpaid, Deezer and Skyscanner want to bring you and your friends to MASSKARA! You earn a raffle entry when you subscribe to a DEEZER bundle or DEEZER Premium plan! So aside from getting the best music from around the world onto your phone with the most reliable network in the country, you get a chance pa to win a festival package! Different DEZEER Flexibundle equals to different prizes!


 Entries are automatic when you avail of a DEEZER bundle so it’s so hassle free to join! I wouldn’t take my sweet time though since this is only until September 30, 2014!


Trip to Bacolod, seeing the sights, fantastic local cuisine (try the chicken inasal and piyaya) and a non-stop party? I’m in!  #Smart always comes up with the best parties and events in the Philippines, so be sure not to miss out on this one!

Deezer has the widest music library, hard to find music, OPM artists and songs, as well as newest releases and is incredibly easy to use. But don’t take my word for it, subscribe now and discover a whole new world of music just a touch or swipe away!

For more info, be sure to check out http://smrt.ph/deezermasskara

BEST FOOT FORWARD | Ayala Style Origin

I’ve always enjoyed watching fashion shows, seeing new collections first before it hits the stores has always been exciting for me. One other exciting thing is actually being on stage and wearing the clothes! I was very pleased when Style Origin called to walk a show. To tell you honestly, I still get a bit nervous when on the catwalk so to overcome that I choose to wear shoes or accessories that I’m used to and confident that will look good with the outfit I’m donning that day. The show featured various brands available in Ayala malls, and made for a interesting mix of male and female models as well.

 photo so-1140690_zpsd87d0d34.jpg

Here’s what I wore for the show! I donned Guess and my favorite Original Penguin shoes!

 photo so-1140709_zps34daff7b.jpg

Look at these beauties! Full grain leather and vibram-looking sole, really works for the ensemble.

 photo so-1140649_zps6ecbfd68.jpg
 photo so-1140656_zps22f186ef.jpg
 photo so-1140663_zpsacc5ff83.jpg
 photo so-1140664_zpsdc9f1136.jpg

Dance dance revolution.

 photo so-1140666_zpsd09edaa1.jpg

 photo so-1140675_zps2ec5616f.jpg
 photo so-1140676_zpsb0c5f42c.jpg
 photo so-1140678_zpsd32049b2.jpg
 photo so-1140681_zpsadaec933.jpg
 photo so-1140688_zpsdc482a3e.jpg
 photo so-1140698_zps52282e7b.jpg
 photo so-1140713_zps8de713c4.jpg

FINER DETAILS | Original Penguin Footwear & Accessories

What does Sinatra, Vampire Weekend, Tyson Ritter of the All-American Rejects, and the cast from the show Entourage have in common? Original Penguin! The gents aforementioned exude this country club cool without looking overly stuffy or preppy. Attitude is very much evident in the styles and details of Original Penguin clothing, as is its influences and the brand’s golf roots. This clear direction continues with Original Penguin’s footwear and accessories line. One can wear the collection and have a clear sense of how the designs were evolved from classic pieces such as tennis trainers, slip-ons, desert boots and brogues. Definitely Original and not derivative, Original Penguin deserves a sizeable portion of one’s shoe and accessory arsenal.

 photo pen-1140552_zps9ecce765.jpg

The store looked like a mix of mid-century and a relaxed luxury feel to it with vignettes featuring the new offerings and vintage mementos such as typewriters and rotary telephones. Actual full-sized chairs (as opposed to benches) to try on their shoes was also very nice.

 photo pen-1140555_zpsa1540133.jpg

Wearing their shoes could very well bring you from boardwalk to boardroom in a cinch. As well as from country club to catamaran with as much ease.

 photo pen-1140549_zpseb3839e3.jpg

I really liked the watches on NATO straps! For a casual yet informed style.

 photo pen-1140557_zps1d405bbd.jpg

This watch almost looks architectural, and has an understated yet versatile potential.

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ACTIVE IN STYLE | Fit Fashion x Team Manila

In line with the nearing launch of the Fit and Fashion App (Android/iOS) our collaboration with Team Manila was launched last week at Rockwell. The crowd-sourced, tongue-in-cheek slogans featured on shirts offer a light yet honest approach as to why we “hit the gym” or are constantly trying to start your very own “balik alindog program”

 photo tmff-1140559_zps8562c247.jpg

That day the weather was really good and inviting, perfect for a launch if I should say so!

 photo tmff-1140561_zps0d0dc24e.jpg

Arrived early of course to set up!

 photo tmff-1140564_zps47d5bf30.jpg

Yes, that’s Divine cutting up a shirt pre-printed with guide lines to help one customise and make the shirt your own / show off your guns!

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