True Wireless | Samsung Gear IconX

Tangled wires, snagged earphones, and forgetting to charge your current pair of Bluetooth earphones? Not a very good start to a killer workout or a PR smashing run. Everything adds up, and efficiency isn’t something that happens by accident. It’s a testament of good planning, smart design, and how well-suited to the task your devices are. Presenting the Samsung Gear IconX, arguably the best true wireless earphones in the market today. This Lilliputian pair not only lets you listen to your favorite tunes or answer calls, but it also features a fitness tracker, voice assistance, and splash resistance with its …

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Unleash Yourself | Samsung Gear Fit2


Shoes, shorts, bike computer, helmet, sunglasses, GPS watch etc, etc. Quite the checklist to get ready for a weekend ride in Nuvali! Now the items mentioned have to be rounded up to make your ride possible, sure you can make do with some but the perfectionist and competitive nature in you needs to have metrics, measurements, and stats! How else are you going to share it on your social media networks if it isn’t recorded? Seriously though, progress is gained through steady consistent effort. Those fitness gains can then be jettisoned or fast tracked with being correctly and accurately measured. …

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Purposeful NYC Trip | Justin Bieber in Madison Square Garden


Get on a plane to NYC, and watch Justin Bieber in Madison Square Garden for his Purpose tour. Sounds a little far-fetched as I was sorting through books/clearing out space in my newly moved in condo when I suddenly got the call! I couldn’t believe it at first, jaw still dropped I answered a quick “Yes, yes, G!” Haha. Truth be told is that I’ve been a fan Justin’s new sound -Skrillex produced and elements of tropical house mixed with a synthesized current of R&B. I was excited, I’ve never been to a Justin Bieber concert let alone in Madison …

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Philharmonic Orchestra Sendoff | Smart Infinity

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Smart Infinity, the most premium postpaid brand of Smart—known to bring international Broadway productions like “Les Miserables,” “Chicago,” “Cats,” “Mama Mia,” The Phantom of the Opera,” and “Wicked” to Manila—is now bringing local talents to the international stage as it supports Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra (PPO)’s performance at the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York. “Smart Infinity has been bringing international Broadway musicals to the local audience; it’s high time we help bring local talents to the international stage because we know that our talents are world class as well,” said Julie Carceller, head of Smart Infinity and Smart’s Multi-Segment Marketing …

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Denimlab | Sandara x Penshoppe

I love denim. Raw denim, washed denim, blue denim, bleached denim, acid-washed denim, it’s just one of those things you can’t live without. The fabric is synonymous as synonymous with cowboys and railroad workers as it is with rockstars and rebels, it is no wonder that a type of intrinsic style, attitude, and coolness imbues it’s wearer once worn. I was invited by Jeff Bascon, who heads Penshoppe’s direction and I must say I’m glad I made the trip as I saw the latest styles that will for sure be your summer staples very soon. Joyce Pring hosted with her …

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Summer Colors and Petals | Rustan's Sunset Party

Rustan’s had a sunset party entitled Summer Colors and Petals, featuring different top tier brands showcasing their summer colors in Rockwell, I was wondering where exactly the event would be since I wasn’t all too familiar with the place save for the actual mall. Sunset party, where could this be? Fast forward to entering a narrow corridor, greeted with sincere smiles (Hi Visions PR!) and led into a full fledged summer garden party -albeit indoors and airconditioned but it really felt like the best of indoor and outdoor worlds. I had arrived with one of my blogger friends Paul, who seemed a …

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A French Revolution In Manila | Les Misérables

” A BREATHTAKING SPECTACLE ” DAILY TELEGRAPH ” ***** ASTONISHINGLY POWERFUL ” THE TIMES UK “THRILLING, SPECTACULAR AND UNFORGETTABLE” THE NEW YORK TIMES Les Mis is an unforgettable story set in 19th century France of heartbreak, passion and the resilience of the human spirit that has become one of the World’s most popular musicals. I remember listening to the CD soundtracks as a teenager with my cousins and imagining banners flying through the air, revolution and of course unbreakable love. From listening to the 17 different international Jen Valjeans singing Do You Hear The People Sing/One Day More (10th anniversary original …

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Take A Bow | Archery Academy

I remember watching Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, yes, matagal na yun, and being amazed by how Robin Hood could split an arrow from incredible distances. I even remember purchasing those native looking bow and arrows from street vendors as a kid in New Manila and trying to no avail to pull a Robin Hood. All I did was scare Brownie and Whitey (my Lola’s Aspin dogs) My failed vigilantism and archery dreams disappeared, only to be rekindled when watching Arrow and the Hunger Games. Archery has had a reemergence recently, which can be attributed to movies and shows above, also who can deny …

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